How to remove unwanted popups ads

It usually happens a lot time that whenever you browse/visit some website(s) you get an unwanted ad popup which is very annoying and it sometimes redirect you to some other site which have some unwanted or inappropriate content. Mainly malwares are responsible for such unwanted ads and popups.Most of the time when we download some cracked version of software or download things that we get in our emails (email ads) ,we unknowingly install these malwares which affects our computer. In this tutorial you will learn how to remove unwanted ads from Firefox, or how to remove unwanted ads from any browser.

Method 1 - Install a popup blocker called "Adblock Plus" :

From this method you will also get rid of banner/video ads from a website/YouTube
  1. Go to 
  2. Install the plugin
  3. Done

Methods 2 - Clean up your browser with "CCleaner" :

This will clean the up the unwanted registry which is causing popups
  1. Go to
  2. Download and install the softaware
  3. Open it and click on "Run Cleaner" button (It will automatically choose the best settings to clean your desire web browser)
  4. Done

Method 3 – Remove unwanted softwares

Removing unwanted toolbars/softwares that are causing popups :
  1. Go to the control panel
  2. Uninstall it

Multiple Vulneribilities found in Whatsapp Web

Few days back whatsapp released its web client which is called as WhatsappWeb and as soon as it was released everyone was curoious to know if there exist some kind of bug in it. Even i was curious to know . So i tried a few thing and i got two bugs on it. And to my surprise my findings went viral. It got covered in almost by all the popular newspaper, online news portal. Few of them are : International Business Times , The Hacker News , The Assam Tribune , Infosecurity Magazine , etc. Even the popular British security analyst Graham Cluley  shared his valuable opinions about my findings in his blog.

So here are the two bugs that i discovered in the new WhatsappWeb.

Whatsapp photo privacy bug

Whatsapp gives us the option to hide our profile picture from others. Whatsapp offers 3 options a. everyone b. contacts c. nobody. If we set privacy to contacts only then only the people who are in our contact list can view our profile picture. But The new version of WhatsApp Web allows us to view a user’s profile image even if we are not on the contact list of that user. Even if the user has set the profile image privacy setting to "Contacts Only," the profile picture can be viewed by out of contacts people as well.

Here is the video demonstration :

As  Graham Cluley said in his blog , it’s not the most serious privacy breach that has ever occurred. But the fact of the matter is that WhatsApp users chose to keep their profile photos private, and their expectation is that WhatsApp will honour their choices and only allow their photos to be viewable by those who the user has approved.

WhatsApp Web Photo Sync Bug

Two weeks back when whatsapp released its web client called whatsappWeb they said that all the messages will be synced. Means if we send a message from our phone it will appear on the whatsappweb too and if we send a message from whatsappweb the message will appear in our mobile too. Now if we delete a message from mobile then the chats get refreshed in whatsappweb and the message that was deletes in the mobile gets deleted. But the same does not happen with photos. If we send a photo from our mobile it appears in our whatsappweb too and then when we delete the photo from our mobile , the photo appears blurred in our mobile as it is deleted but the same does not happen in whatsappweb. It does not get refreshed like the other time it did when user deletes a text. The photo is still accessible by Whatsapp Web as the photo does not get deleted from its web client, revealing the fact that mobile and web clients of the service are not synced properly.

Here is the video demonstration :

I have reported both the bugs to the whatsapp security team and they are now working on it. Since the WhatsappWeb is now in its initial stage so I suppose things are not well arranged but I hope in the coming days whatsapp patch its bugs and give us a secure and awesome messaging platform.

Increasing Demand Of Clone Applications And Websites [Infographics]

Increasing Demand Of Clone Applications And Websites [Infographics]
Clone websites or applications are being very popular nowadays. It’s a new concept which is spreading all over the world but many geeks are still unaware of it. So here I have something which contains everything about clone website or application.
This info-graphic is following up with conversation between two guys, which is quite interesting and in the end you will surely understand website cloning.

Increasing Demand Of Clone Applications or Websites
Image courtesy: Nine Hertz

Peer to Peer Anyone? Everyone! Here's the risks!

Peer to Peer Anyone? Everyone! Here's the risks!

Peer to Peer (P2P), What's that? You use torrent, that's P2P.
You download music, that's P2P, Movies. Videos, Software downloads, that's P2P. That means, someone else on the other side of the globe is sharing a file and you are one of a million peer to download that file.

It uses the internet as the way or you can say the link to share files, music, movies etc. But what to you should consider is that, P2P is for most parts is illegal, mostly because it violates copyright laws.

Risks in Peer to Peer file transfer,

  • P2P client (say Bittorrent) opens ports in your machine. For example, Bittorrent opens a range of ports(6881-6999). Your P2P client talks to other peers using these port numbers, In-fact whenever you browse the web you use the port 80 (HTTP), Now a cyber criminal can actually get into those open ports and steal your data. No need to get too scared! There are not many people waiting to steal your data, because you are one in billions of Peers connected! This specific attack type can result in Identity Theft, and these are not very likely to happen unless YOU are really targeted by the user, moreover P2P clients have security mechanisms in them too to protect you.   

          Solution: Use AntiVirus

  • Secondly, When you download P2P files, they are not always legitimate, and they may contain malware and spyware and other viruses.  
         Solution: Use AntiVirus

  • Some people may call it hacking, and bad but the truth is always bitter. What you are downloading is itself illegal because of copyrights and reporting such attacks may raise you penalty! So, many fears reporting such issues, and that's some basic risks in P2P

Create your own Browser in a few clicks

Hello everyone today I am going to share a nice website with you which will help you make your on custom made browser in a few clicks for free. gives you the platform to create your own personalized browser. You can personalize it as per your own needs. It is very easy and simple to create your own personalized browser with MakeMyBrowser.comvery free of cost.

Interview with Indian Security Researcher Deepanker Verma

India is the country having best IT talent in the world. Most of those talented people join big IT companies but few try to make their own way. Today, I am going to introduce an Indian security researcher, web developer, and tech blogger (All-In-One) Deepanker Verma. He has so many achievements which are enough to tell how talented he is.

Security Measures in Internet Cafe

Most of us visit Internet cafes often as it is often faster than our home internet connection so we often go for downloading HD videos , Songs etc, also many people go to internet cafe for official purposes. There they transfer money from their bank accounts, Check mails and do different activities. Here the question arises that is Internet cafes safe? Well sadly the answer is no. Most of the cafes are infected.

You sit down, struggle with the broken keyboard in an internet cafe to email a few friends, pay and leave. And after few days when you try to sign in you see that someone changed your password !

Cool Websites and Apps [June 2013]

Hello everyone !! I am happy to say you all that I got my class 10 results on 30th may,2013 and i passed my HSLC exam with flying colours, also got admission in a good school. I would like to thank everyone who always supported me. Well lets get back to the topic.

You daily visit sites like google,Facebook,etc and apps like instagram because they make your work easy and fast.Infact few sites  like Google is so popular that some people think internet is equal to google .But there many other less known sites that are really very helpful because they make our work fast,easy and reliable.

Secure Your online Conversation

These days most of our conversation happens online.We use social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and also many messaging service like hangout, Yahoo messanger etc.Using these sites we often send sensitive information like phone numbers, Physical address, Credit card details and private photos to our friends and family members.