[VIDEO]Yeahh!! It Happens on Live Television – How to Stop Spreading This Spam

My Facebook timeline (you no longer call it wall after the facebook update) was filled with this spam video from many friends who clicked on the link on their timeline. The thumbnail posted along with the link on the timeline looks like a video and adding to it the most cleverest part the spammer did was adding the users name on the post in the timeline. This urges the user to further think the video was posted by his/her friend since it directly calls out their name and asks them to watch the video.
Though you may already be knowing that it was a spam after you clicked on the link, You still might be spamming your friends timeline every hour or so and many of my friends told they had no idea how it was happening. This post will help you to stop the spam post from being spread on your friend’s timeline.
How the Spam Infected You
Given below are the steps that you passed through when you clicked on the link on your timeline.
Step 1. You clicked on the link and Landed on a page which is similar to the one below.