Should Upgrade to Window 10 ? Feedback from user


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I upgraded my OS (operating system)   from window 8.1 to window 10.  In start I was pleased by its performance as the return of the start menu, adaptive and sleeker. It was more like window 7, moreover the feature no more full screen apps and four-way window snap makes it more interesting. And Cortana was truly helpful because of cross-device functionality but after few days I encountered some problems in this OS. I would like to discuss these problems with you as they are continuously making it difficult for me to use this OS.

Less free storage


Windows 10 is a worthy upgrade but it requires a lot of space in your machine. So after doing some research I found one thing that after installing window 10 the previous version of OS is still lingering in the background taking up the space more than required. Your older version of windows doesn’t disappear into the air. This is going by the name of ‘windows.old’.



As I am not a fan of sharing my things or data  with others.  After doing some digging I found some data sharing defaults in windows 10. So I recommend all users to review this problem. Use the start menu and search for setting app and click privacy in it. When you have opened this you will see in the left hand pane, you will see many areas in which your machine is sharing data. Kindly spend time on this so that you may know in which things/data  you are comfortable sharing with others.

No downgrade 


Another problem I faced is no downgrade is available in this OS one month later after upgrade.

Data loss


This is the biggest problem you will face in windows 10. If you have important files music/videos stored somewhere in drive C data would be lost. Other data would also be lost from your PC but mainly from C drive.

No system restore


Initially the system restore option is not available by default. You could turn this option on but this is a long procedure and it is a time taking one.

Cannot play a DVD


It does not come with a app to play DVD on. So to play movies you have to use VLC or other players.



Some software and hardware are not compatible with windows 10.

Data recovery software:


Now if you are facing the fourth problem discuss above then I have a solution for you. I am going to introduce you the best data recovery software for you from that you can recover your data easily by following three steps. And one more thing this is also memory card recovery software as well. So if you have lost some important pictures, or documents from the memory card then you can get it back through this software.

EaseUS data recovery:


EaseUS is the best data recovery software available in the market that helps its user with their data loss problems. Or we can say this is the best memory card recovery software available in the market. It is a solution to your every data loss problem. You only have to follow three steps to get back your amazing pictures back in your SD card. It is the award winning memory card data recovery software. It can easily get your lost data back



•    Launch the program
•    Scan your device
•    Preview and Recover

Step 1. Connect your SD card with your PC with the help of card reader. After that launch EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard and select the file types you want to recover. Then click the next button to move towards the next phase

Step 2. Select the SD card where loss happens and select the "Scan" option, the software will quickly scan the selected SD card to find all your affected files.

Step 3. After you are done with scan, then you can preview your recovered data so you can select out of them which you wanted to recover.Then, click "Recover" button to get them back once.

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6 Free Music Apps To Incorporate With Your Android Phone

In the most recent decade innovation has totally changed our lives and you don't have to look any more distant than the music business to perceive how innovation has moved and formed the way we tune in, offer and find music, groups and craftsmen. Before the season of cell phones, it was verging on difficult to discover a melody without knowing the name of the tune or the craftsman. This would most likely oblige you to recording a couple verses to Google and before PCs; you'd presumably never at any point hear that tune again like ever again. Get the latest Smartphone today and get amazing discounts with the latest paytm Offers and never miss out your favorite track.



This is the perfect application for remembering the verses from the song, with a database so enormous, you can precisely discover precisely which melody you're searching for, by simply writing in the verses. The application gives you a chance to label and spare verses, scan them disconnected from the net, and offer them with your companions. The application empowers you to discover tune names, as well as gives you a chance to chime in to your main tunes by giving verses, while listening to the melodies as the application is good with all outsider players.



This is truly an extraordinary application for both the iPhone and android,this application ordinarily comes empowered on latest mobiles as of now. On the off chance that you have a melody that is stuck in your cerebrum you continue murmuring yet just can't discover the name of the tune, on the grounds that the verses are a bit fluffy. You can murmur the song, sing a couple words you do recollect, and the application will distinguish the melody for you in a moment.



This application is the lord among the sound acknowledgment applications. Basically, it holds a colossal record and distinguishes all songs it could be on the TV, radio, in a shop, wherever and gives you the name of the song and the musician. It then connects you through Amazon, YouTube, Rdio, Spotify and iTunes, to purchase or listen to the melodies.



This application can also be downloaded  for PCs and Macs that needs Internet association with access the database to discover the melody. With a straightforward, thumbnail-size interface; you just need to snap and utilize your mic with the tune you need to be distinguished. Tunatic shows intriguing results inside of seconds, alongside the craftsman subtle elements that were not exactly redress.



Midomi is an exceptionally sorted out site with an exceptional web search tool that can listen to melody/tune from any source and propose you name of that melody. This application builds up the most extensive database of searchable music through its immense gathering of music partners and benefactors. Midomi gives you a chance to hunt the melody by singing, murmuring, or notwithstanding shrieking the music and interface with a group that shares your musical hobbies.



Spotsearch is profoundly fused with Spotify, the most well known online music application, along these lines the name. The application specifically connects your item to Spotify so you can listen to the melody in that spot and afterward. Spotsearch gives you a chance to sort in verses so it can recognize the tune you are searching for. Then again, in the event that you have the general Spotify rather than the Spotify Premium, the application will connect you to the YouTube adaptation of the melody.

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How to remove unwanted popups ads

It usually happens a lot time that whenever you browse/visit some website(s) you get an unwanted ad popup which is very annoying and it sometimes redirect you to some other site which have some unwanted or inappropriate content. Mainly malwares are responsible for such unwanted ads and popups.Most of the time when we download some cracked version of software or download things that we get in our emails (email ads) ,we unknowingly install these malwares which affects our computer. In this tutorial you will learn how to remove unwanted ads from Firefox, or how to remove unwanted ads from any browser.

Method 1 - Install a popup blocker called "Adblock Plus" :

From this method you will also get rid of banner/video ads from a website/YouTube
  1. Go to 
  2. Install the plugin
  3. Done

Methods 2 - Clean up your browser with "CCleaner" :

This will clean the up the unwanted registry which is causing popups
  1. Go to
  2. Download and install the softaware
  3. Open it and click on "Run Cleaner" button (It will automatically choose the best settings to clean your desire web browser)
  4. Done

Method 3 – Remove unwanted softwares

Removing unwanted toolbars/softwares that are causing popups :
  1. Go to the control panel
  2. Uninstall it

Create your own Browser in a few clicks

Hello everyone today I am going to share a nice website with you which will help you make your on custom made browser in a few clicks for free. gives you the platform to create your own personalized browser. You can personalize it as per your own needs. It is very easy and simple to create your own personalized browser with MakeMyBrowser.comvery free of cost.

Why not to reveal the Name of OS you are using ?

Hello everyone I am back.Sorry for not making any post for many days as i was having my class 10 board exams.But now its over so I am back and I will post many interesting post here.

If you liked Hackatrick on facebook than you might know that Few days back I asked a question on Facebook as which operating system you are using and here is the results.

Best Apps To Secure Your Phone

 Smartphones hold our contacts, photos, and private information, making them more valuable than the sticker price. It’s nice to have help protecting your smartphone, so here are seven of the top security apps that will give your phone its own bodyguard.

Monitoring A PC With Gecko Monitor Software - Giveaway

Hey Friends! I am back with another giveaway and this time on the occasion of  Diwali.This Time I will be giving away 5 genuine license key of Gecko Monitor Software.

It is an advance keylogger which can be used to spy on your friends or anyone else.It can record all keystrokes including password and e-mail it to you.

Once installed a secret key combination and password is set, so that only you know how to unlock the user interface. Gecko Monitor will then run in the background monitoring everything that happens, waiting for you to return to view the logs. Alternatively the reports can be sent remotely via email, so that you can see what's been going on away from the computer. The reports consist of the following:
  • Periodic screenshots of either active window or entire screen.
  • All applications used and the time and date of use.
  • All websites visited and the time and date of use.
  • All keystrokes typed/pressed, including time and date.
  • All files opened, saved, deleted or moved, including time and date.
  • All documents printed, including time and date.
  • Innovative Timeline feature, to see a snapshot of events.

Read this post to know more about the software. Click Here

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  • Last date of participation is November 15, 2012.
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  • We treat spam very seriously, and will remove spamming entries without any notice.
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  • Product can not be altered with any other product, or cash
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Monitoring A PC With Gecko Monitor

There maybe a number of reasons that you want to monitor yours or someone else's PC. With the help of computer monitoring software (otherwise known as keyloggers) you can view all activity undertaken on the target machine, including everything typed and every website visited. Installing computer monitoring software could be the solution in a number of situations; from catching a cheating spouse, to acquiring a password to someone's account on a certain website, to simply keeping an eye on the family PC.

Create Fake Login Page of any site with Super Phisher Tool Part II

This is the second part of  '' Create Fake Login Page of any site with Super Phisher Tool ''. Many people said that the tool is not working properly and few were saying that they are facing problem in uploading it.So in this post I will make everything clear to all.

To download the tool read my first post on it here:

 Create Fake Login Page of any site with Super Phisher Tool

Now after downloading it,run the tool and enter the URL of the site you want to create phishing.

Here I have made phishing page of facebook.You can create phishing page of any site you like by this tool but if you want to make of facebook than you can better download my file here:

Now you have two files in it.Follow the below steps:

1. Create an account on any free hosting site.Here I used

2. Go to the control panel

3.Clik on File Manager

4.Upload the two file that was generated by the tool or downloaded.

5.Give the link of the site you created to the victim.after someone enters the ID and password in the phishing page open the file will get a new file uploaded that file and you will be able to get the ID and Password.

But this is not the end.There comes a problem,facebook has blocked all free hosting sites.So if you will give your site link to the victim via facebook,it will be detected and you will not be able to get the ID and password.Wait for my next post where i will discuss how to bypass facebook's Link detection.