Programming languages that you should learn to be a Hacker

I often get this question. Many people ask me what are the programming languages that are needed to be a hacker. Well, to be a hacker you should know many programming languages and skills since the various applications and websites which you’ll exploit are programmed in different programming languages.

A hacker is a person who finds the vulnerabilities in a computer program or a computer network and then exploits them by using one of these programming languages to write an exploit that addresses a particular vulnerability. Although hacking is commonly known because of cybercriminals, there are ethical hackers who work to ensure the safety of the important data of an organization. Being knowledgeable with ethical hacking can make you earn a higher salary without needing to sacrifice your morality.

Here follow three hacking domains and the languages you must learn to master them.

1. Web Hacking :

Web hacking is one of the most popular domains in the hacking world. To do web hacking you need to understand the languages that are used to code a website like; JavaScript, HTML, PHP & MySQL.

The majority of websites are built by using these languages. 

So for this domain you’ll need to learn:


2. Operating Systems Hacking & Exploits Writing :

An exploit is a piece of software code written to take advantage of bugs (exploiting a vulnerability); it’s an application or software.

Exploits consist of a payload and a piece of code to inject the payload into a vulnerable application. The main purpose is to get access to the system in order to control it.

So for this domain you’ll need to learn:


3. Reverse Engineering :-

Reverse engineering is taking apart an object to see how it works in order to duplicate or enhance the object. The practice, taken from older industries, is now frequently used on computer hardware and software.

Software reverse engineering (as black-hat hackers and crackers do) involves reversing a program’s machine code back into the source code that it was written in using programming language statements.

For this domain you need to learn:
    Go Lang.

 So these are the programming languages that are used by hackers for various purposes. If you are beginners then you should first start with Web Hacking as it is easy to start with and you get a good platform to try out your skills.

Regular Expression Guide - Free Ebook

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Who is this book aimed at ?

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