Security Measures in Internet Cafe

Most of us visit Internet cafes often as it is often faster than our home internet connection so we often go for downloading HD videos , Songs etc, also many people go to internet cafe for official purposes. There they transfer money from their bank accounts, Check mails and do different activities. Here the question arises that is Internet cafes safe? Well sadly the answer is no. Most of the cafes are infected.

You sit down, struggle with the broken keyboard in an internet cafe to email a few friends, pay and leave. And after few days when you try to sign in you see that someone changed your password !

Monitoring A PC With Gecko Monitor Software - Giveaway

Hey Friends! I am back with another giveaway and this time on the occasion of  Diwali.This Time I will be giving away 5 genuine license key of Gecko Monitor Software.

It is an advance keylogger which can be used to spy on your friends or anyone else.It can record all keystrokes including password and e-mail it to you.

Once installed a secret key combination and password is set, so that only you know how to unlock the user interface. Gecko Monitor will then run in the background monitoring everything that happens, waiting for you to return to view the logs. Alternatively the reports can be sent remotely via email, so that you can see what's been going on away from the computer. The reports consist of the following:
  • Periodic screenshots of either active window or entire screen.
  • All applications used and the time and date of use.
  • All websites visited and the time and date of use.
  • All keystrokes typed/pressed, including time and date.
  • All files opened, saved, deleted or moved, including time and date.
  • All documents printed, including time and date.
  • Innovative Timeline feature, to see a snapshot of events.

Read this post to know more about the software. Click Here

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  • Last date of participation is November 15, 2012.
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  • We treat spam very seriously, and will remove spamming entries without any notice.
  • Giveaway is open to everyone, irrespective of their geographic locations.
  • All mandatory options are to be followed. If we see that the winning entry has not passed through all mandatory options, he/she will dismissed from the giveaway
  • Product can not be altered with any other product, or cash
  • Hackatrick reserves the rights to cancel any entry, restrict a person/persons from participating in this giveaway, and/or taking down this giveaway at any point of time, with/without showing any cause for the same.

Monitoring A PC With Gecko Monitor

There maybe a number of reasons that you want to monitor yours or someone else's PC. With the help of computer monitoring software (otherwise known as keyloggers) you can view all activity undertaken on the target machine, including everything typed and every website visited. Installing computer monitoring software could be the solution in a number of situations; from catching a cheating spouse, to acquiring a password to someone's account on a certain website, to simply keeping an eye on the family PC.

How to detect a keylogger in a system

How to detect a keylogger in a system

Keylogger is the software program or a hardware which reads and store all the key stroke by a user in the system it is installed.

Having a keylogger in the system means you are going to loose some thing big. If your system is infected by a keylogger, your email id, facebook account, bank account and all other secure data is on the risk. Now a days hackers are active enough and many website offering free software download with keyloggers attached in it. So you need to know how to protect your system from keyloggers. If you want to know how to detect a keyloggers in a system, you can follow these points: