Private Browsing - What Are The Benefits?

It is not entirely possible to use the Internet without leaving a digital footprint behind. However, private browsing can offer a lot of protection and keep you relatively safe. Web browsers are equipped with private browsing capabilities, e.g., Internet Explorer has an 'InPrivate' mode for secure browsing, and Google Chrome has 'InCognito' mode for private sessions. 

With private browsing, you can keep your search data and other information protected. Private browsing alone cannot provide you complete protection against data theft, but it is an effective measure you must take. 

What Is Private Browsing?

Data related to every website you visit is stored in your Internet browser's history, cache, and cookies. The browser remembers the URLs of the websites you visit and files you download. Cookies track your activity on different sites to provide you a better and faster user experience. 

It's all fine if you use a private computer and your data does not contain any valuable information. However, if you use a public computer and you are concerned about your data getting stolen, or you are uncomfortable knowing that your digital footprint is trackable and don't want to leave any breadcrumbs behind then use Private browser. 

If you use the browser's private mode, all the information is stored until your session completes. Once you close your private session, you don't leave any trail behind, and none of your data remains stored on the system. 

How To Stay Safe Online?

i. Good Digital Habits

Don't download anything or click anywhere if you are not sure about the website. Avoid downloading pirated content and software as they are often loaded with spyware and other malicious software. 

Avoid using public Wi-Fi network if it offers unfettered access to the network. If you connect to a genuine public Wi-Fi network, avoid exposing sensitive data such as banking passwords and login information. 

ii. SSL Certified Websites

SSL certificate provides secure connection for the exchange of information between browser and server. Make sure that you are dealing with URL of the website begins with 'HTTPS' instead of 'HTTP.' A green padlock icon in the address bar confirms that the site is SSL certified with SSL certificate like Positive SSL certificate.

SSL stands for 'Secure Sockets Layer', and it provides encrypted link between web broser and server to handle sensitive information, such as customer names, phone numbers, account numbers, credit card numbers, and more.

iii. Keep Your System Guarded And Updated 

Developers use updates to fix any security vulnerabilities. That's why it is important to keep your system updated. A good anti-virus program will keep your system protected from most potential attacks. 

Benefits Of Browsing Internet Privately

·         Privacy

When you use a shared computer and browse the internet in private mode, the websites you visit will never appear in the search history, no matter how many times you visit a website.

·         Minimize History

Whether it’s your work computer or personal computer, having as little personal data stored as possible is the best way to protect your information. It reduces the risk of your data getting stolen, and it saves space on your disk as well.

·         Security

Any cookies generated during a private browsing session gets automatically deleted when you close the window. If you are concerned about your accounts' security while signing in on a shared computer, a private browsing session can help you with that. Even if you forget to sign out of your account, the sign-in cookie will be deleted when you close the browsing session. With the deletion of the cookie, your account will be automatically signed out, and nobody could log into your account maliciously.

·         Testing

If you want to open a website you are not so sure about, but still, you want to give it a try, private browsing is the way to go.

·         Multiple Sessions 

Cookies are not shared between the normal window and a private browsing window. You can login to the second account on the same website without first signing out from your first account. For instance, if you are signed in with your Google account, and your friend wants to check his Gmail account, a private browsing session is a way to go.

·         eCommerce Tracking

Many websites use your search data and cookies to bring deals according to your needs. For instance, airline websites have data about your previous search history if you tried to check the price of a ticket. From the user data, they can find out which customer is highly likely to purchase a ticket. Sometimes, they offer higher discounts to new customers. You can check the price of the ticket using a private browser session to make sure that you are paying the minimum amount on your tickets. 

Same way, if you want an e-commerce platform to list your prices without accessing your data, you can use a private session. 

How To Enhance Privacy Further?

You can use TOR browser and a VPN connection from a reliable provider for enhanced privacy. Your browsing will still not be completely private, but these options can improve your privacy further. 

How To Browse the Internet Privately?

Chrome's Incognito Mode

1.      You can click the Google Chrome's 'Control Google Chrome Button' in the top-right corner with three dots and select 'new Incognito Window' for private browsing.
2.      Alternatively, you can press Ctrl+Shift+N to launch a new Incognito window.
3.      While right-clicking a link, you will see an option to open link in Incognito window.

Firefox's Private Mode

1.      Click the control button in the upper right corner and click 'New Private Window'.
2.      Alternatively, you can also press Ctrl+Shift+P to launch a private window. 

Microsoft's Edge's InPrivate Mode

1.      Click the '...' button in the top-right corner of the window and select new 'InPrivate Window'.
2.      Alternatively, you can also press Ctrl+Shift+P or Ctrl+Shift+N to launch a private window.


Browsing the Internet in private mode comes handy in many different scenarios. Private browsing prevents your data from getting saved and enhances your information security. It reduces the chances of data theft and offers you the privacy that you need if you are using a shared network.

9 Coolest Hidden Firefox Settings You Should Know

Firefox is highly attractive and easily customizable browser. It provides you excellent security and privacy. It also offers plenty of settings that provide you most beautiful customized experience. You must be aware of all the general settings that you can simply access in the settings menu. But, there are also many advanced settings which you can locate on specific web pages which use the “about” protocol. Here is a list of 9 advanced hidden Firefox settings that will be very useful to you

1.    Perform DNS Lookup

In-house DNS lookup – finding the IP address of a domain – can easily be performed in Firefox. You have to simply type “about: networking” in the URL bar and then press enter. The next page will appear on your screen. On this page, there will be a sidebar menu. The last option of the sidebar menu will be “DNS lookup”; click this option. There would appear a search bar and you need to enter Domain name and then press resolve; all the IP addresses will appear on the screen.

2.    Block Auto-Refresh

There are many addresses that come with Refresh HTTP headers that keep on refreshing the pages at regular intervals. If you want to stop pages being refreshed automatically, you can go to “about: prefrences#advanced”. Here you will see the main tab “General” and in its subcategory, that is “Accessibility”, check the box “warn me when websites try to redirect or reload the page”.

3.    Search as You Type

Sometimes people have some vague idea of what they are searching so in that case they certainly need some suggestions and threads. In Firefox you can press “Ctrl+F” which will open an in-page search box, and it will help you search a thread.

If you are tired of pressing key combos all the time and want your search engine to start searching as you start typing, all you have to do is go to address “about: prefrences#advanced” and access the subcategory “Accessibility” in the “General” menu. Here, check the box “search for text when I start typing”. From now onwards, whenever you will type, the Firefox will keep on searching automatically.

4.    Assigning a Different Function to Backspace Key

If you are afraid that your friend or anybody else who is likely to use your computer will access all your history by pressing Backspace key. You can change the functions of Backspace key, like when assigned, the Backspace key will scroll up the page and by pressing Shift + Backspace, it will scroll down the page. It is also possible that you give Backspace no function at all.

Simply go the address “about: config” and type “browser.backspace_action” in the search menu. The following page will show the default value of the browser setting which is 0. Double-click on it and change it to 1 for scrolling action and 2 for removing all the actions.

5.    Move Around With Cursor Keys

If you want to read a long article or a story online and you want to use the cursor for in-text navigation, you can do it in Firefox. Just go to page “about: preferences#advanced” and go to “Accessibility” option and check “always use the cursor keys to navigate within pages. Apart from default arrow cursor, a blinking text cursor will also appear on the wall which you can control with the help of arrow keys.

6.    Paste on Middle Click

If you remain busy all day long doing work on your computer which involves some copy-pasting on web pages, and you are tired of just clicking again and again to paste, you can get maximum benefit from this feature. If your mouse has a middle button, you can assign it to paste text from your clipboard to the web pages.

Go to page “about: config” and search “middlemouse.paste”. The default value will appear as false; to change it simply double-click on it and change the option from false to true.

7.    Change Default Colors

You can change the background, text, and color of different links in your Firefox browser. Simply go to the address “about:prefrences#content” and then select the “color” option in the main category of “Fonts and Colors”. Here you can choose the color of your own choice.

8.    Filter Awesome Bar Links

Whenever you start typing in the URL bar, Firefox gives you suggestions. These suggestions are based on your current history of webpages. You can filter these suggestions by typing some special characters into the location bar before you start typing the address. Here is a list of these special characters

# – Match page title
@ – Match URL
* – Match only to links in bookmarks
^ – Match only to links in history
+ – Match only to links that are tagged
% – Match only to links that are open currently
9.    Auto-Export Bookmarks in HTML

If you want Firefox to save automatically all the bookmarks in HTML format, making a list of links, then go to address “about: config”, and type “browser.bookmark.autoExportHTML” and then by double clicking change the false value to true.

After resetting your browser, you will find a file named “bookmarks.html” in your profile folder with all the links in it. From now on whenever you exit the browser, your bookmark list will be updated automatically. It is also possible that instead of restarting Firefox, you will have to restart your whole system for the changed effects.

This guest post is written by Lisa Myers, who works at Rebateszone. She is a software engineer by profession.

3 Easiest Ways to Create Video Content Quickly and Conveniently

Practically every blog owner, prospective social media influencer or content producer in general nowadays wants to create video content due to its capacity to be distributed to a wide audience. Assuming you lack any sort of background in creating video content however, it can be a bit tricky to get started – which is why you might want to make these three easy ways of creating video content your first ports of call.

Using a smartphone

Nowadays almost every smartphone is capable of recording videos, so why not use yours to create video content? While a smartphone may not be the best way to create elaborate videos, you can certainly use it to create one of those ‘talking head’ styled videos that you see. If you do decide to create video content using a smartphone just be sure to place it somewhere that is stable and level – or use a tripod.

Using a video slideshow

Instead of recording video content with a camera, you could create a video slideshow using images. By adding in some background music and a voiceover as well as some nice animated transitions – you could create a fairly decent piece of video content in the style of a presentation. If you want to step it up a notch you could even look into adding some other forms of animation – possibly to the text or other elements of the slideshow.

Using screen capture


Another easy way to create video content, screen capture will let you record footage directly from your screen – making it perfect for guides or tutorials about anything computer-related. To create videos using screen capture you’ll need screen capture software, but that’s pretty much all it takes. Just be sure that the software you opt to use is able to include voiceovers, background music and any other elements you want as part of your video.

Assuming you do opt to use screen capture to create video content, start by trying out Movavi Screen Capture. It is the easiest video recorder that you’ll find, and at the same time will allow you to exert full control over the type of video that you record.

In addition to allowing you to set the capture area, audio source and frame rate, Movavi Screen Capture will also allow you to highlight keyboard and mouse actions. Furthermore it comes with presets to help you to save and optimize your video content for various devices and platforms – including online video sharing platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo.

Also use this for free video converter

On your part all you need to do to create video content using Movavi Screen Capture is plan out the content you want to create. Once you do you’ll find that recording the footage really is a piece of cake.

CBSE Results website Goes Down Before Class 10 result Announcement

With no official date of announcement of results until this morning, the CBSE had kept students, parents and teachers on tender hooks. As many as 13 lakh students took the class X exams.

Earlier CBSE decalred to announce class 10 results on 27th May, 12pm but they postponed the same due to unklnown reasons. Later On CBSE announced to declare the results on 28th may 2015. According to various news,  The Class 10th Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) exam results are expected to be declared today, May 28 2015 at 2 PM.

CBSE provided the following websites to see class 10 board exam results


But both and went down before the announcement of the results. As a result of which students are not able to open the site to see further updates. Sites must have gone down because of heavy traffic on the site.

The CBSE had earlier stated that a total of 13,73,853 students were eligible to sit for the Class 10 Board Examinations this year. The delay has led to over 13 lakh students and parents being anxious over the results.

Even on 25th when class 12 results were announced, their site went down due to which the whole process was delayed and students got their result after 30 min of the scheduled time.

CBSE should take care of these things and should have servers, bandwidth which can handle such traffic so that student don't face any trouble looking their results.

TRAI Makes 1M Net Neutrality Supporter Email IDs Public & Open To Spammers

In the last couple of weeks we have seen a lot of campaigns regarding net nutrality in india. Trai on March 27 had put up a consultation paper on its website asking users to give their views on net neutrality in India. The last day to vote for the campaign was April 24.

Many netizens protested against platforms violating net neutrality and wrote back to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India in response to their consultation paper in favor of preserving it. Trai received an overwhelming response with more than 11 lakh emails. However, people who sent emails based on this campaign will now have to suffer at the hands of spammers, marketers and advertisers for a very long time to come.

The TRAI has made public all the email IDs who supported their move on A PDF file on the TRAI’s website has openly displayed every email ID that responded to the net neutrality cause.

This list has been made public, exposing over a million email IDs for spammers to leech. So if your mailbox has been getting a higher number of spam emails recently, you could very well blame the TRAI.

Many people responded to this wrong move by TRAI.

This is a wrong move by TRAI. They should have given a moment of thought before making all the
email IDs public. If at all TRAI wanted to make the statements public, they just needed to obfuscate the email addresses (which most forums do), and problem would have been solved.

Top websites to learn coding online

Gone are the days when a person needed to go to some computer institute, pay a huge amount of money as fee and learn coding. Thanks to internet today anyone can learn coding anywhere and that too for free. Today everyone holds the same potential, and the chance to learn and even master programming language easily.

So if you are ready to master programming language, here are the top websites which can help you achieve it.







Ruby & Ruby on Rails




SQL (Databases)


Have you studied at any website we showcased above? How’s the experience? Or have we missed certain  learning sites with rich assets for budding programmers? Let us share our experiences and resources to help and inspire each other then!

5 Useful Google Chrome Apps

One of the reason why Google chrome is so popular isits mind blowing Apps which makes our task much easier. In this post we will share 5 usefull Google Chrome Apps that you will surely find very useful.

1. Buffer - With Buffer, you can share links and photos on multiple social media websites in one go. You can post stuff to Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google Plus pages.Buffer not only makes it easy for you to post content, it also help you track the performance of your shared links.

2. Mighty Text - MightyText lets you send and received SMS text messages directly from Gmail or Facebook on your computer. All you need to do is install the Mighty Text app on your Android phone. Mighty Text offers a chat style widget inside Gmail and here you can read through your existing text messages or write new

3. Clipular - Clipular is a wonderful screen clipper for the web – you press Alt twice and capture anything on the current web page. Once a screenshot is captured, the image is automatically uploaded to your private Clipular dashboard along with the title and source link of the current page.

4. Disconnect Me - Online advertisers and Internet companies are tracking your activity on the Internet, not for the purpose of snooping but for serving you more personalized search results and more targeted advertising.Disconnect Me is a simple Chrome add-on that will automatically block advertising companies, analytics services and search engines from tracking you online. There’s no configuration required and as soon as you install the add-on, the tracking is suspended.

5. Web Timer - Web Timer is a Chrome extension that will help you keep track of how you’re using your time online. It tracks what websites you are visiting and how many minutes you spend looking at each of them. There’s some intelligence built in for more accurate data. The background timer is only activated when Google Chrome is in focus and your computer isn’t left in an idle state for more than 30 seconds.

Increasing Demand Of Clone Applications And Websites [Infographics]

Increasing Demand Of Clone Applications And Websites [Infographics]
Clone websites or applications are being very popular nowadays. It’s a new concept which is spreading all over the world but many geeks are still unaware of it. So here I have something which contains everything about clone website or application.
This info-graphic is following up with conversation between two guys, which is quite interesting and in the end you will surely understand website cloning.

Increasing Demand Of Clone Applications or Websites
Image courtesy: Nine Hertz

Fast Downloads-Not a Dream Anymore

 In India 76% of the internet users access internet from mobile sources.Its a fast growing world and mobile phones powered by next generation processors and state of the art operating systems like android make internet surfing a bliss.But lets face it many times you have thought of throwing your smartphone out of the window beacuse of the crawling download speed but its not your smartphone's fault because it's the 'OPERATOR'! 2G or 3G people are still facing the slow bandwith and crawling downloads and beacuse of this finally TRAI has taken the initiative to listen to our grievances and do some changes.

Basically in India there are two basic connections for mobile internet the old 2G and the famed 3G.Now to get a better understanding of what it is just scroll down.

What is 2G?

Second Generation (2G) wireless cellular mobile services was a step ahead of First Generation( 1G) services by providing the facility of short message service(SMS) unlike 1Gthat had its prime focus on verbal communication.
However after much ado 3G was introduced to cover up the back lag of 2G.

The 3G Era

In this 3G Wide Brand Wireless Network is used with which the clarity increases and gives the perfection as like that of a real conversation. The data is sent through the technology called Packet Switching .Voice calls are interpreted through Circuit Switching.
It is a highly sophisticated form of communication that has come up in the last decade.In addition to verbal communication it includes data services, access to television/video, categorizing it into triple play service.High speed internet service, video chatting are the assets of 3G.

Now coming back to the legislation which TRAI wants to pass.It would mean a significant increse in the current upload and download speed.The traditional speeds which are offered to the 2G users ranges between 35-96kbps but with this legislation the download speed is expected to be fixed at a minimum of 1mbps ie. 1 megabyte per second.

For those of you who don't know what TRAI stands for,well,it stands for 'Telecom Regulatory Authority Of India'.TRAI has sought public views on its consultation by May 5 and counter comments by May 12.The decision is expected to be put in action by the end of this year.

"Right To Be Forgotten" - Google Received 12,000 Request In 24 Hours

On the first day of launching, Google received 12,000 requests from people seeking “right to be forgotten" by the world's leading search engine.

In May, European Court of Justice ruled that in certain circumstances, individuals have the right to have links to information about them deleted from searches. Such as if the data is outdated or inaccurate.

Hauzeur said  “Firstly, the Internet user may feel tricked because Google asks for a photo ID card to validate the request, which is a problem with regards to privacy rights.”, he  added “also the user will have to repeat the procedure with other websites and search engines. And finally, Google insists that it won’t be the one ruling on the requests, but It will be the national regulatory bodies.”

Google said that each request would be examined individually to gauge whether it met the ruling's criteria.

The ruling on the right to be forgotten comes amid growing concern in Europe about individuals' ability to protect their personal data and manage their reputations online.

The US-based internet giant declined to estimate how long it might take for the links to disappear; saying factors such as whether requests are clear-cut will affect how long it takes.

Microsoft, which has the Bing search engine, has declined to comment on the ruling
Yahoo, which also operates a search engine in Europe, has previously said it’s “carefully reviewing” this to assess the impact for its business and users. 

Cool Websites and Apps [May 2014]

You daily visit sites like google,Facebook,etc and apps like instagram because they make your work easy and fast.Infact few sites  like Google is so popular that some people think internet is equal to google .But there many other less known sites that are really very helpful because they make our work fast,easy and reliable.

Here at Hackatrick we will dig the whole internet and show you such sites that are worth visiting.

How to verify multiple facebook accounts by same mobile number

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking site today. Millions of people daily visit the site to check whats happening around them. According to many surveys, more than 20% of facebook accounts are fake. and in order to minimize it facebook added the mobile number verification option where user need to enter their mobile number to verify that their account is genuine.

This post shows a trick using which one can verify multiple accounts using same mobile number.

Do the following to verify two accounts with the same mobile number.

  1. First verify both profile by email.
  2. Now deactivate any one of the account ( account setting > security > deactivate account )
  3. Now login with the second profile and verify it with the mobile number and deactivate it.
  4. Now login to the first account which you deactivated earlier and verify it with the same number.
  5. Now reactivate the second account.

Now both of your accounts are verified with the same mobile number.

Peer to Peer Anyone? Everyone! Here's the risks!

Peer to Peer Anyone? Everyone! Here's the risks!

Peer to Peer (P2P), What's that? You use torrent, that's P2P.
You download music, that's P2P, Movies. Videos, Software downloads, that's P2P. That means, someone else on the other side of the globe is sharing a file and you are one of a million peer to download that file.

It uses the internet as the way or you can say the link to share files, music, movies etc. But what to you should consider is that, P2P is for most parts is illegal, mostly because it violates copyright laws.

Risks in Peer to Peer file transfer,

  • P2P client (say Bittorrent) opens ports in your machine. For example, Bittorrent opens a range of ports(6881-6999). Your P2P client talks to other peers using these port numbers, In-fact whenever you browse the web you use the port 80 (HTTP), Now a cyber criminal can actually get into those open ports and steal your data. No need to get too scared! There are not many people waiting to steal your data, because you are one in billions of Peers connected! This specific attack type can result in Identity Theft, and these are not very likely to happen unless YOU are really targeted by the user, moreover P2P clients have security mechanisms in them too to protect you.   

          Solution: Use AntiVirus

  • Secondly, When you download P2P files, they are not always legitimate, and they may contain malware and spyware and other viruses.  
         Solution: Use AntiVirus

  • Some people may call it hacking, and bad but the truth is always bitter. What you are downloading is itself illegal because of copyrights and reporting such attacks may raise you penalty! So, many fears reporting such issues, and that's some basic risks in P2P