30+ Bangladeshi Government sites hacked by Silent hacker from Indishell : Cyber War

A hacker named as "Silent Hacker" from Indishell hackers group has hacked over 30 Bangladeshi government sites after Ashell announced cyber war against Bangladesh .

Silent hacker defaced these websites as payback of giving challenge to Indian hackers group.  Bangladesh Ministry of Commerce, cga.gov.bd,Food Division,Coefficient Design & Development Limited and other government websites become victim of this cyber war.
Hacked sites:


yash and prateek from team nuts strikes more than 140 pakistani sites

Indian Hacker Yash sarma and prateek from team nuts hacked and defaced about 140 pakistani sites.This group is very active now a days.

This was the messages that were written on the deface sites.

"We Are Team Nuts 
- Mayank yadav Aka Mack - Rahul Roshan Aka chipthehackboy - Underground devil - kinni - Gagan - Chetan - Mohit Bumb - Harsh Gupta - Vivek Arora