Top websites to learn coding online

Gone are the days when a person needed to go to some computer institute, pay a huge amount of money as fee and learn coding. Thanks to internet today anyone can learn coding anywhere and that too for free. Today everyone holds the same potential, and the chance to learn and even master programming language easily.

So if you are ready to master programming language, here are the top websites which can help you achieve it.







Ruby & Ruby on Rails




SQL (Databases)


Have you studied at any website we showcased above? How’s the experience? Or have we missed certain  learning sites with rich assets for budding programmers? Let us share our experiences and resources to help and inspire each other then!

Hacking Your Way Through Web Sockets [Advanced]

The Most interesting thing I found in some WebSocket applications is that, The Connection establishment in Web Sockets is not taken by BurpSuit, Whereas the messages/information sent or received after the connection establishment are caught. It holds true for some applications only, take WebSocket's Echo For Example.This happens because, The Authentication needs are already generated, just the connection is to be made. But In other cases, You'll find WebSocket Requests inside the HTTP/1.1 request if you take a look at it with BurpSuit.
It looks something like this,
GET /chat HTTP/1.1
Upgrade: websocket
Connection: Upgrade
Sec-WebSocket-Key: x3JJHMbDL1EzLkh9GBhXDw==
Sec-WebSocket-Protocol: chat, superchat
Sec-WebSocket-Version: 13

HTTP/1.1 101 Switching Protocols
Upgrade: websocket
Connection: Upgrade
Sec-WebSocket-Accept: HSmrc0sMlYUkAGmm5OPpG2HaGWk=
Sec-WebSocket-Protocol: chat

According to Wikipedia,WebSocket is designed to be implemented in web browsers and web servers, but it can be used by any client or server application.The client sends a Sec-WebSocket-Key which is a random value that has been base64 encoded. To form a response, the magic string 258EAFA5-E914-47DA-95CA-C5AB0DC85B11 is appended to this (undecoded) key. The resulting string is then hashed with SHA-1, then base64 encoded. Finally, the resulting reply occurs in the header Sec-WebSocket-Accept.

Once the connection is established, the client and server can send WebSocket data or text frames back and forth in full-duplex mode. So, WebSockets make their connection with the origin,[Origin:]   Here, Tweaking it will help us to steal the Websocket key.  And SocketPuppet Chrome Extension Helps to edit the WebSocket's Requests and Response in Real Time!

But Unfortunately, Not Many Applications use WebSockets, Maybe in Future. But AJAX is still the dominant Real Time Data updating mechanism(If you compare it with WebSocket, mechanism is the right word). So, Do Checkout Socket Puppet. And also check out   For Examples of Applications Which use Websockets.

If You Have any Query, please post it in the comments section. 

Top 25 Windows and Linux Commands That Everyone Should Know

Top 25 Windows and Linux Commands That Everyone Should Know
Ever landed on CLI(Command Line Interface) or a Linux terminal or if you are in windows, then Powershell and feeling like “I want to balm some cool commands into this black and white window which are useful! That makes me feel like a real computer guy!”, if never felt like that, No worry. Here’s the top 25 most popular Linux and Windows commands that will help you in real world.  And If you really want to get into the terminal world, then the best tip that I can give you is that “mug it up and practice each command 10 times and discover new possibilities with such simple commands“. So, if you are on Linux, then turn up the terminal or if you are on windows, then pop up Powershell [Start->Search Powershell]


pwd – print working directory
hostname – computer’s network name
mkdir – make directory
cd – change directory
ls – list directory
rmdir – remove directory
pushd – push directory
popd – pop directory
cp – copy a file or directory
mv – move a file or directory
less – page through a file
cat – print the whole file
xargs – execute arguments
find – find files
grep – find things inside files
man – read a manual page
apropos – find what man page is appropriate
env – look at your environment
echo – print some arguments
export – set a new environment variable
exit – exit the shell
sudo – become super user root
chmod – change permission modifiers
chown – change ownership


pwd – print working directory
hostname – my computer’s network name
mkdir – make directory
cd – change directory
ls – list directory
rmdir – remove directory
pushd – push directory
popd – pop directory
cp – copy a file or directory
robocopy – robust copy
mv – move a file or directory
more – page through a file
type – print the whole file
forfiles – run a command on lots of files
dir /r – find files
select-string – find things inside files
help – read a manual page
helpctr – find what man page is appropriate
echo – print some arguments
set – set a new environment variable
exit – exit the shell
runas – become super user root
attrib – change permission modifiers
iCACLS – change ownership

Confused About how will you use these commands? Simple Way, Use Them. I know that if you have no experience with the terminal, you’ll very soon leave the terminal, but use google if you get stuck, Google is your friend, and the “man” in Linux and “help” in windows will be the best guide for you in the terminal. Whenever you are stuck, simply do this in Linux “man xxx” or in windows “help xxx”, where ‘xxx’ is your command and there are also other help commands like info.

If you have any question or suggestion then don't hesitate to post them in the comments section. 

Secure Your online Conversation

These days most of our conversation happens online.We use social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and also many messaging service like hangout, Yahoo messanger etc.Using these sites we often send sensitive information like phone numbers, Physical address, Credit card details and private photos to our friends and family members.

Fake your Geolocation Location in Google Chrome

Now a days there are many websites which use your location to show more relevant information to you like for example if you visit gogle maps they will ask your Geo location to show you the maps.So in that case Your browser will show you a message like allow geo location or deny and it depends on the user what they prefers to do.

Now actually how they determine your location?

How to know if a Site is Secure

The World Wide Web has become a new way of life that people use for everyday living. Society depends on the internet to handle important business and to give accurate information. But like all things, precaution must be taken to avoid harm. Criminals will try to steal sensitive information from users by tricking them.

Manual SQL Injection tutorial

Now, we have seen few terms related to hacking and some methods to hack passwords like phishing,keyloggers etc. Now we are moving a little forward.Now in this thread i m going to post something about SQL INJECTION. Its a type of hacking with the help of which we can hack sites (mostly the newly born sites and educational sites )

ok buddiez lets start and kindly pay attention.

How to Remove Facebook Timeline

How to Remove Facebook TimelineWe all know that Facebook Implemented Timeline Feature for all people. Some people liked it and some people really hated it. Firstly people wanted timeline, but after sometime, they started neglecting it and thumbs down for Timeline!! Even Facebook did not give any response on how to Disable Facebook Timeline. Well, Many of my friends too asked me that how can they Remove Facebook Timeline. However, this is now possible using a trick. In this series, I am going to shareHow to Remove Facebook Timeline!!! 

How to Remove Facebook Timeline:

How to Remove Facebook Timeline
For Mozilla Firefox: