9 Coolest Hidden Firefox Settings You Should Know

Firefox is highly attractive and easily customizable browser. It provides you excellent security and privacy. It also offers plenty of settings that provide you most beautiful customized experience. You must be aware of all the general settings that you can simply access in the settings menu. But, there are also many advanced settings which you can locate on specific web pages which use the “about” protocol. Here is a list of 9 advanced hidden Firefox settings that will be very useful to you

1.    Perform DNS Lookup

In-house DNS lookup – finding the IP address of a domain – can easily be performed in Firefox. You have to simply type “about: networking” in the URL bar and then press enter. The next page will appear on your screen. On this page, there will be a sidebar menu. The last option of the sidebar menu will be “DNS lookup”; click this option. There would appear a search bar and you need to enter Domain name and then press resolve; all the IP addresses will appear on the screen.

2.    Block Auto-Refresh

There are many addresses that come with Refresh HTTP headers that keep on refreshing the pages at regular intervals. If you want to stop pages being refreshed automatically, you can go to “about: prefrences#advanced”. Here you will see the main tab “General” and in its subcategory, that is “Accessibility”, check the box “warn me when websites try to redirect or reload the page”.

3.    Search as You Type

Sometimes people have some vague idea of what they are searching so in that case they certainly need some suggestions and threads. In Firefox you can press “Ctrl+F” which will open an in-page search box, and it will help you search a thread.

If you are tired of pressing key combos all the time and want your search engine to start searching as you start typing, all you have to do is go to address “about: prefrences#advanced” and access the subcategory “Accessibility” in the “General” menu. Here, check the box “search for text when I start typing”. From now onwards, whenever you will type, the Firefox will keep on searching automatically.

4.    Assigning a Different Function to Backspace Key

If you are afraid that your friend or anybody else who is likely to use your computer will access all your history by pressing Backspace key. You can change the functions of Backspace key, like when assigned, the Backspace key will scroll up the page and by pressing Shift + Backspace, it will scroll down the page. It is also possible that you give Backspace no function at all.

Simply go the address “about: config” and type “browser.backspace_action” in the search menu. The following page will show the default value of the browser setting which is 0. Double-click on it and change it to 1 for scrolling action and 2 for removing all the actions.

5.    Move Around With Cursor Keys

If you want to read a long article or a story online and you want to use the cursor for in-text navigation, you can do it in Firefox. Just go to page “about: preferences#advanced” and go to “Accessibility” option and check “always use the cursor keys to navigate within pages. Apart from default arrow cursor, a blinking text cursor will also appear on the wall which you can control with the help of arrow keys.

6.    Paste on Middle Click

If you remain busy all day long doing work on your computer which involves some copy-pasting on web pages, and you are tired of just clicking again and again to paste, you can get maximum benefit from this feature. If your mouse has a middle button, you can assign it to paste text from your clipboard to the web pages.

Go to page “about: config” and search “middlemouse.paste”. The default value will appear as false; to change it simply double-click on it and change the option from false to true.

7.    Change Default Colors

You can change the background, text, and color of different links in your Firefox browser. Simply go to the address “about:prefrences#content” and then select the “color” option in the main category of “Fonts and Colors”. Here you can choose the color of your own choice.

8.    Filter Awesome Bar Links

Whenever you start typing in the URL bar, Firefox gives you suggestions. These suggestions are based on your current history of webpages. You can filter these suggestions by typing some special characters into the location bar before you start typing the address. Here is a list of these special characters

# – Match page title
@ – Match URL
* – Match only to links in bookmarks
^ – Match only to links in history
+ – Match only to links that are tagged
% – Match only to links that are open currently
9.    Auto-Export Bookmarks in HTML

If you want Firefox to save automatically all the bookmarks in HTML format, making a list of links, then go to address “about: config”, and type “browser.bookmark.autoExportHTML” and then by double clicking change the false value to true.

After resetting your browser, you will find a file named “bookmarks.html” in your profile folder with all the links in it. From now on whenever you exit the browser, your bookmark list will be updated automatically. It is also possible that instead of restarting Firefox, you will have to restart your whole system for the changed effects.

This guest post is written by Lisa Myers, who works at Rebateszone. She is a software engineer by profession.

HP Pavilion 15-AB028TX - High-End Notebook for everyday use for Rs. 41,000

Being a leader in its own kind, HP has been offering an excellent range of laptops under all price brackets. From budget oriented laptops to high-end notebooks, HP’s product selection has catered all essential needs of modern users. Compared to other players, HP laptops not only work effectively, but they also pack some really cool features for performing routine functions with complete proficiency. The famous Pavilion series flaunts some real beauties designed for a great experience. And, the latest addition to this series, HP Pavilion 15-AB028TX also offers an excellent experience at a decent price point. This newly launched machines packs top-notch performance, and will be rolling into the market at just the right price tag. Some of its main highlights are

Design and Build Quality

On the design front, HP Pavilion 15-AB028TX features a great look for home as well as routine users. The feature-rich laptop measures 0.99 x 15.14 x 10.28 inches in dimension and weighs just around 2.29Kgs. For a standard laptop, this weight level is pretty decent, and you can easily carry it around from one place to another. HP launched this Notebook only in one color variant, Blizzard White. It looks great, packs typical HP finish, and features a mind-blowing Full HD anti-glare wide screen LED backlit display. Compared to other laptops available at this price bracket, HP Pavilion 15-AB028TX flaunts a nice look with no complication at all.

Display Quality

In the display department, HP has been doing a terrific job. Designed with improved technology and integrated hardware, HP Pavilion 15-AB028TX boasts a Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) anti-glare wide screen LED backlit display of 15.6-inches. The display of this laptop is really great, and is capable of delivering crisp, well-saturated, and ideally exposed colors all the time. Colors will burst out of this machine, and you’ll get a great viewing experience while watching high definition movies and videos.

Hardware Configuration

Under the hood, HP Pavilion 15-AB028TX features top-notch specs to cater everyday needs of an individual. Whether you’re performing multi-tasking or playing a standard game, this laptop will not create any kind of trouble at any point of time. It has been powered by 5th generation Intel Core i3 processor clocked at a frequency of 2.1GHz coupled with 4GB DDR3 RAM. The combination of chipset and RAM packed with this machine can easily give top-grade performance on regular basis.

Storage Options

On the storage front, HP Pavilion 15-AB028TX boasts ample amount of space with 1TB HDD, empowered by SATA. Compared to latest SSD storage, SATA HDD is bit slower, but it will definitely give you sufficient amount of space to keep a rich collection of Audios, videos and work related Docs. For everyday users, the onboard storage equipped with Notebook is perfect in all aspects.

Graphic Support

Compared to other Laptops available around 50k, HP Pavilion 15-AB028TX packs brilliant graphic performance at a much lower price point. The newest Laptop from HP features with 2GB DDR3 dedicated graphics memory matted with the powerful AMD Radeon R7 M360 GPU. For standard users, AMD Radeon can deliver ideal performance with no lags or complication at all. In fact, you’ll definitely get smooth and glitch-free performance while playing games and running multiple programs at the same time. In terms of graphics performance, this laptop is the best and most affordable choice under 50k category !


On the software front, HP Pavilion 15-AB028TX features a lag-free interface running on Windows 8.1 operating system. This laptop comes with the latest version of Windows, and will be upgradable to upcoming Windows 10 real soon. Whether you’re an everyday user or more of an app-loving user, HP Pavilion 15 will definitely cater all your needs in one go. It’s a performance oriented machine, and can be a nice pick at a fair price.

Connectivity options

On the connectivity department, HP Pavilion 15 packs standard support with two USB 3.0 ports, one USB 2.0 port, one HDMI port, and one multi card slot. This laptop offers Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n and Bluetooth v4 support, and comes with HP Imagepad pointing device supporting Multitouch and gesture support. The Island-style keyboard with Numeric Keypad is also a key highlight of this laptop.

Multimedia capabilities

Multimedia capabilities of HP Pavilion 15 are perfect in every way. For gaming and music lovers, this laptop features a truly powerful audio experience with its built-in speakers. You can play games, listen music, and if you want to connect via video call, HP TrueVision HD Webcam will be available take care of your needs.

Battery Performance

After performance and multimedia capabilities, comes the most essential element of any Laptop, the Battery. HP Pavilion 15-AB028TX boasts a 4 cell battery, and gives decent amount of backup for everyday users. It’s not powerful enough to take on high-end laptops, but it can definitely hold sufficient charge to cater all your needs with full proficiency. Battery performance is neither a plus point nor a negative point of this laptop!



Considering the specs and brand value which HP brings, this laptop could have been priced a whole lot higher. But, as of now, it costs just around Rs. 41,000. That’s right, at a price of 41k, this laptop brings an excellent combo of design and functionality in one package. If you want a quality laptop at a reasonable price point, this Notebook can be a great choice to consider. 

Final Verdict

Considering the entire package, HP Pavilion 15-AB028TX looks like a fair deal for all users. This laptop not only brings the element of design, but it also flaunts a great look from front as well as back. Whether you’re an office person, businessman, or a college-going student, this notebook cum laptop can perfect choice to fulfill all your needs with no complication or trouble. No doubt, it’s one of the best available laptops from HP under the 50k category.

Anonymously Access Wi-Fi from 2.5 Miles Away Using This Device

Well it is impossible to keep the identity anonymous in today's era under the strict governmental surveillance because once the IP address is found the user's privacy is over and the identity is disclosed so Tor and VPNs are the devices of previous era wherein virtual reality remained intact.
However, a Security Researcher Benjamin Caudill has devised a method to retain the privacy and it enables the consumers to connect with public Wi-Fi network about 2.5 Miles away. Most importantly, the user is ensured of privacy and anonymity via the low ranged and unidentifiable frequency signals. Due to the increasing internet traffic the real identity of the user will not be disclosed easily by this new technique and the spies along with some other government agencies will not be able to grab the IP address. This new technique is found useful to the whistle blowers, journalists, dissidents and criminals.


Proxyham is composed of a WiFi-enabled Raspberry Pi computer and three antennas setup. One of the antennas connects to a source public Wi-Fi network while the other two transmit the Wi-Fi signal at a frequency of 900 MHz.

Therefore, this appliance works very effectively with a radio connection of 900 Megahertz. It is capable of  connecting distanced Wi-Fi, at a range of 1 to 2.5 Miles. Though several interference factors are considered.

In case some spying agents manage to track the target's internet connection they will only be able to disclose the IP address of ProxyHam box which would be transmitting some low-level radio signal thousands of feet away at different direction.

Caudill disclosed that he along with some of his colleagues are working over a Motherboard with an additional feature of self-destructing the ProxyHam.

Future models of Proxyham would be smaller enough to fit it into some book thus, making it easier to hide. If thrown into some library, Proxyham would be very difficult and time-taken to be identified.

Caudill will launch this anonymity protector ProxyHam box in the Def Con hacker conference which will be held in Las Vegas, the next month wherein he plans to release some  hardware specs, source code and even the blueprint of this device thus, making it easier for others to develop their own.

The estimated cost of this anonymity protector and distanced Wi-Fi hacker is $200 which is expected to drop to $150.

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6 Free Music Apps To Incorporate With Your Android Phone

In the most recent decade innovation has totally changed our lives and you don't have to look any more distant than the music business to perceive how innovation has moved and formed the way we tune in, offer and find music, groups and craftsmen. Before the season of cell phones, it was verging on difficult to discover a melody without knowing the name of the tune or the craftsman. This would most likely oblige you to recording a couple verses to Google and before PCs; you'd presumably never at any point hear that tune again like ever again. Get the latest Smartphone today and get amazing discounts with the latest paytm Offers and never miss out your favorite track.



This is the perfect application for remembering the verses from the song, with a database so enormous, you can precisely discover precisely which melody you're searching for, by simply writing in the verses. The application gives you a chance to label and spare verses, scan them disconnected from the net, and offer them with your companions. The application empowers you to discover tune names, as well as gives you a chance to chime in to your main tunes by giving verses, while listening to the melodies as the application is good with all outsider players.



This is truly an extraordinary application for both the iPhone and android,this application ordinarily comes empowered on latest mobiles as of now. On the off chance that you have a melody that is stuck in your cerebrum you continue murmuring yet just can't discover the name of the tune, on the grounds that the verses are a bit fluffy. You can murmur the song, sing a couple words you do recollect, and the application will distinguish the melody for you in a moment.



This application is the lord among the sound acknowledgment applications. Basically, it holds a colossal record and distinguishes all songs it could be on the TV, radio, in a shop, wherever and gives you the name of the song and the musician. It then connects you through Amazon, YouTube, Rdio, Spotify and iTunes, to purchase or listen to the melodies.



This application can also be downloaded  for PCs and Macs that needs Internet association with access the database to discover the melody. With a straightforward, thumbnail-size interface; you just need to snap and utilize your mic with the tune you need to be distinguished. Tunatic shows intriguing results inside of seconds, alongside the craftsman subtle elements that were not exactly redress.



Midomi is an exceptionally sorted out site with an exceptional web search tool that can listen to melody/tune from any source and propose you name of that melody. This application builds up the most extensive database of searchable music through its immense gathering of music partners and benefactors. Midomi gives you a chance to hunt the melody by singing, murmuring, or notwithstanding shrieking the music and interface with a group that shares your musical hobbies.



Spotsearch is profoundly fused with Spotify, the most well known online music application, along these lines the name. The application specifically connects your item to Spotify so you can listen to the melody in that spot and afterward. Spotsearch gives you a chance to sort in verses so it can recognize the tune you are searching for. Then again, in the event that you have the general Spotify rather than the Spotify Premium, the application will connect you to the YouTube adaptation of the melody.

If this article was helpful and informative for you, please do share your thoughts in the comment section below. If you don’t have a Smartphone yet then you can purchase the latest phones with the latest FlipKart Discount Coupons.

Get “MORE” of everything with The New Nexus 6

Nexus 6 is all that you ever wished for in a smartphone and much more. A pixel rich bigger 6” HD display screen for all the better to view movies, play games, view the pictures or even for doing your basic work. The amazing picture clarity that Nexus 6 offers is something you need to see to believe.
Hear better sound with crystal clear clarity thanks to its impressive stereo sound for the videos or movies you watch on your Nexus 6. Get one today at a cool price using coupondekho.co.in/flipkart-coupons. Powered by a super powerful processor, you can multi task swiftly without any problems of hanging up or undue waiting for the app to respond. The graphics you would experience are something not many competitor brands can offer.

 The most impressive part about this smartphone is the unique “Lollipop” software. Now answer calls without disrupting your video, game or picture thanks to Lollipop. Now get all the latest Android updates in a jiffy with this enormously superior software that eases every task you do on the smartphone. From switching between documents, editing documents, listening to melodious music, watching videos or browsing the net, Nexus 6 makes it all so simple and quick. If you’re busy and want minimal disruptions, you can adjust the settings accordingly so that only the important messages or people get through, and you can reply to these messages without unlocking the screen too.

Nexus 6 has a stunning design, bold colours, fluid animations, rich textured shapes and you can do so much more without plugging in for repeated charging. A mere 15 minutes charging lets you do work for 6 hours and a full charge lets you be worry free for one full day. It’s the smartphone for you and you can buy it using Amazon coupons and save some cash. You may also opt for its Battery saver feature to extend the battery life by good 90 minutes.

Get superb image stabilization even when you click photos in low light or broad daylight with its 13 MP camera. Get professional clicks with its HDR+ sophisticated computational technology for clicking photographs. It’s Google Camera lets you take great photos which would make you seem nothing less than a pro. Now secure your device easily and ensure complete peace of mind by Android Smart Lock. Pair it easily with any device or even your car and never lose this stunning smartphone. If you are planning to buy this amazing smartphone, check out the latest coupons and deals on CouponDekho to get it at the best price.

It comes with a highly responsive UI design to give you a complete intuitive experience which is consistent across your devices. Get easy navigation for your device with realistic lighting, natural motion, visual elements and responsive elements. Nexus 6 also allows you to hide sensitive notifications for protecting your privacy. Turn on the Priority Mode for letting only select people get the requested notifications at the selected time slot.

Sony Xperia Z3 vs iPhone 6

The smartphone world is multiplying like never before, and the competition has just become more cut-throat. Sony and Apple are the big players; there is a magnitude of excitement surrounding Sony Xperia Z3 and iPhone 6. Techie buffs will be baffled on which one to pick, as both pieces are packed with high-tech innovation. Let’s compare the two phones and decide on a more desirable one.

Sony Xperia Z3

The Z3 sticks to the true blue factor of Sony Xperia series, sources say it is a progression of the past. It is bigger than the X2 packed with superior features


Z3 is awe-inspiring at first glance; firstly it is bigger than Z2 and second the stunning vibrant blue display layer. A glance at the phone and anyone can guess that it is loaded with features. Sony has layered the phone with world class aluminium and tempered glass Omni Balance theme. Handling the phone is easy with angular body and rounded edges; it causes very little strain on the palm. Z3 is a lighter phone than Z2, it weights 152g, lighter by 11g, and Z2 is slimmer than Z2 by 7.3mm. Z3 is covered with glossy glass, and it is sturdy, and never breaks easily, Sony has used a new nylon cap to strengthen the rigidity effect. The Omni Balance design makes the phone dust proof, consumers can carry the phone amidst an outpour of rain and dust, and it will continue to look slate clean. It can be used in the pool or shower. Z3 has the highest water proof rating of IP65/68, the highest in the smartphone world. It can last in 1.5m of water for 30 minutes. There are new colour options as well that are captivating and different from the regular choices such as silver green and copper.


The screen quality of Z3 is stunning, the Z2 itself was mesmerizing; Z3 is a whole new display world. Sources say it is brighter than its predecessor by 20%, the 600 candela screen offers greater readability under razor sharp sunlight. It sports a 5.2 inch full High-Definition (HD) screen, the colours are crisper and so is the contrast. The stunningly marvellous display of colours is the outcome of the revolutionary X-Reality engine setting technology. The 424ppi display is filled with a density of pixels for effective commuting.


The battery power of Z3 is known to be exemplary; sources were able to run a multitude of tasks in half an hour and witnessed no signs of battery drainage. Sony is confident that the battery will last for two whole days, with not just little but regular usage. The phone runs on 3100mAh battery power.


Z3 can be used through any length, the operating system moves rapidly, with minimal space for shutter lag. Consumers can browse through galleries, browsers and home screen in a jiffy. The phone runs on 2.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor and 3GB RAM.

Operating System:

Z3 is powered by Android 4.4 KitKat, which supports a range of apps and widgets. There is so much of excitement to look forward to; users can browse through movies, music services and Walkman app.


The powerful and gigantic ½.3 inch Exmor RS camera works marvellously, owners can have a blast with it. The aftermath effect is a happy feeling with smooth and crisp images. Z3 has the first ISO 12800 sensor, the camera can capture images in faint light surrounding and every detailed description of the object is visible. Z3 has the highest ISO in smartphone world.

Apple iPhone 6


The Apple iPhone series has been a point of exhilaration for years, the iPhone 6 is a leap from the past. It’s got a bigger screen and many more apps.


iPhone 6 is a different iPhone identity to iPhone 5s, and is engineered with new smartphone identity. The front display is colourful, the edges are round, and the 4.7 inch screen builds the aesthetic design quality of the phone. The display is novel Retina HD, glance through the back and it is as picturesque as the colourful front covered with supreme anodized aluminium black.


iPhone 6 is covered with potent Retina HD display with a stunning 1334x750 resolution which is 326ppi. The pixel density capacity is 38% higher than iPhone 5s. It does not have the advanced Quad HD resolution, Apple intends to focus on quality, the phone is engineered with sRGB color technology, and the backlight drop is faint and highlights the trendy sleek nature of the phone.


iPhone 6 operates on an efficient 1,810mAh battery that enables 3G talk time, and 14 hours continuous usage. The battery output is admirable for sufficient usage to engage in fun conversation and discuss important business operations.


The power of iPhone 6 is determined by A8 chip engineered on second generation 64-bit desktop architecture. Its magnificent power is fuelled by M8 motion coprocessor that enables users to browse through apps and widgets and play games swiftly.

Interior processor:

iPhone 6 is powered by a robust QHD  2560x1600 resolution with density of 355 pixels.


Apple iPhone 6 is inserted with iSight camera that operates on image signal processor and Apple designed video encoder tucked into A8 chip. It supports video features and advanced camera such as noise reduction, continuous auto focus, superior face detection and new focus pixels. The image quality is pristine and super crisp.


Sony Xperia Z3 portrays a superior design impact; the screen quality is more animated. iPhone 6 has a great screen display filled with range of colours, but it does not hit the eye at first sight. The battery power of Xperia Z3 is notches higher than iPhone 6. The two phones are engineered with pioneering software technology and true to its own merit. Xperia Z3 functions on a superior interior core processor. iPhone 6 has a marvellous in-built camera that involves greater usage of technology than Xperia Z3. The colour resolution and user interface versatility of both phones are leading-edge.

Keeping Data Protected When You Use Cloud Computing

Keeping Data Protected When You Use Cloud Computing

Many businesses hold a lot of personal data about their clients, especially if they trade online, and this can include anything from names and addresses to payment information. That's why it's essential for companies to follow the Data Protection Act, ensuring that they have the right infrastructure to keep details safe, as well as ensuring that these personal details aren't mis-used by yourself or a third party. However, the more advanced technology becomes, the harder it can be to keep up, and with cloud computing on the rise many businesses are wondering how this will effect their security procedures. Here's a basic guide to how you can use the cloud, but still keep details safe.

Types of cloud computing

The cloud covers a wide range of IT functions, and when someone talks about the cloud they can mean:

  • Public cloud – These are often run from a shared data centre allowing for cheap, but not always completely secure access. There's often a lack of support, and so you need savvy IT staff to deal with them.
  • Private cloud – These offer dedicated servers and can be more secure, although they do come at a cost. There's often dedicated monitoring and support services, which can be helpful for smaller businesses.
  •  Hybrid cloud – This allows for organisations to control many functions, while outsourcing some of the work to external workers.

It's important to think about what you will be using cloud computing for, and what your budget will allow in terms of server space and efficiency. It's important not to go for the cheapest option if you will be hosting sensitive information or processing transactions, as you will need to prioritise security. You should also look for a business IT support package that suits your company's needs, and if you choose a provider who doesn't offer ongoing support then this will be invaluable if you have any kind of problems.

Processing data

When it comes to the Data Protection Act, 'processing' can actually cover a wide range of IT functions, including simply storing things in the cloud. That's why it's essential to keep things safe and secure, with the highest possible levels of security for your customers.

As a data controller, you have lots of responsibilities when it comes to remaining compliant, and this begins with deciding which data to move to the cloud. You need to keep clear records of what kind of data is being stored, as well as assessing the risks that storing this data could cause. The use of cloud services can also create metadata such as buying habits or usage statistics, and you need to ensure that this information is transparent to your customers.


When you sign up for a cloud service, you should also have a contract with the provider which will clearly set out their procedures and what happens if something goes wrong. When you are choosing a cloud provider, be sure to ask lots of questions about their security levels, support, and how they will keep your data safe. As well as online security, their data centres should also be physically protected from damage, and it's always best to use a reputable provider.

Keeping records

In order to stay compliant with various regulations, it's essential to keep records of how you store data, as well as details of any breaches. This will ensure that you have the information needed if there is an investigation, and that your company practices transparent data processes, and this can help you build up a trusting relationship with your clients.

Cloud computing can open up so many possibilities for businesses, and it means that they can offer a faster, more efficient web experience for users. However, it's essential that your business chooses the right provider and the right kind of service to ensure the highest levels of security, as well as keeping things running 24 hours a day. With many regulations in place such as the Data Protection Act, those who process transactions, or even just store data, need to invest time and money in keeping these things secure, and this will ensure that people use your services with confidence.

Increasing Demand Of Clone Applications And Websites [Infographics]

Increasing Demand Of Clone Applications And Websites [Infographics]
Clone websites or applications are being very popular nowadays. It’s a new concept which is spreading all over the world but many geeks are still unaware of it. So here I have something which contains everything about clone website or application.
This info-graphic is following up with conversation between two guys, which is quite interesting and in the end you will surely understand website cloning.

Increasing Demand Of Clone Applications or Websites
Image courtesy: Nine Hertz

The LG G2 Mini – In This Case, Smaller Isn’t Always Better [ Review ]

The LG G2 Mini – In This Case, Smaller Isn’t Always Better [ Review ]

Generally speaking, it’s no secret that smartphone developers at large understand that not everyone is looking for a bulky, and often cumbersome, 5+ inch mobile monster to take up their precious pocket or purse space. The mobile market generously showcases a wide variety of smartphone sizes, but overall these do tend to lean more heavily toward the big-boned side of the seesaw. In some instances we’ve seen smaller adaptations of larger phones that still maintain the firepower of their bigger brethren, but in other cases the “mini” models have not been quite up to snuff.

Android Application Development and its huge significance

Android phones have become of age and the preferred choice for many mobile users all over the world. They have made people’s lives a lot easier and they rely on them completely for their personal and professional communications. They can also make the most out of specially designed apps that offer them several benefits. 

One of the biggest advantages of the platform is that it is open source, which means developers can explore their creativity to the fullest and without any restrictions.

The Biggest Mistakes Internet Scammers Make, And Why They Continue to Make Them

Almost all of us have at some point come into contact with an internet scam. We've all been contacted by those wealthy foreign billionaires who want to transfer all their money into our accounts, and we've all had strange e-mails from 'PayPal' asking for our login details.

But fortunately most of us won't fall for these scams.

Keep Your Children Safe Online With These Top Four Apps

Keeping your children safe online has never been so important, but it has never been so difficult either. There are plenty of programs out there that claim to help you control and monitor their browsing, but not all of these are any good. We list five apps that we’ve found that will do the job properly for you, giving you some much-needed peace of mind that your kids are safe online.

How to develop apps for iPhones and Smartphones and use them in home

Developing apps is one of the priority businesses for many people in the world these days. A very large number of software developers are working for developing apps alone. Their commendable efforts have to be remembered greatly these days if you want to make your system well equipped with different apps. Here are the interesting facts that you have to remember about the app developers from all over the world.

Reviewing the 3 Best Android Tablets in India

If you are looking forward to seriously using a Tablet, please give the lower end a miss. The Chinese imports are fine for your kids to play low end games and use the eLearning Apps. If you want to use the Tab for heavy browsing, email apps or chatting besides working out on your presentations , worksheets and documents as well as use entertainment/media based apps and serious high end gaming please check out the three offerings in the Indian Android Market today.

iPad 4 - Review

Apple has released its latest and powerful tablet popularly known as the iPad 4. The 128GB version of the iPad 4 is available at $1103.47 for Cellular and Wi-Fi and $954.15 for Wi-Fi only. And there are other options available too, 64GB, 32 GB and 16GB models. It is also expected that the new iPhone 5s will be released in near future. Now, let’s find out more about the iPad 4 in the article below.

The Top 5 Tablets of 2013 in India

Today there are so many tablets available in the market that most of the time people get confused as which tablet is best for them and which one they should go for and most of the time the users are ticked to buy a low quality tablet, so here presenting before you the list of top 5 Tablets of 2013 in India that are worth buying.                     

                                                                   Apple iPad 2 

If you are looking to include the best quality gadget in your collection, you must undoubtedly go for the one manufactured by Apple and the iPad 2 is the best choice. The amazingly new features incorporated in the gadget have brought a revolution in the field of tablets and with the launch of the iPad 2, Apple has started the competition way ahead of the others.

Sync iTunes Media Contents to Samsung Galaxy S Phone

As Apple iPhone's major rival, Samsung Galaxy S' market performance in the year of 2012 is very eye-catching. Let's say you just switched iPhone to Galaxy S, but still hope to use iTunes program to manage your videos, music, photographs, and other forms of media on your Galaxy S handset, in this post I will show you how to sync your Galaxy S with iTunes.
You may know that general Android-based smart phones do not provide any services to sync with iTunes.

Security Features of Outlook.com That Keep You Safe!

Microsoft has unveiled its first mailing service in the month of July, which is Outlook.com. This new webmail service by Microsoft is expected to gain more attention than Hotmail. Considering the security issues of the users, Microsoft has taken certain measures to boost the security of the mailing system, against spam & phishing.

The recent features that are added to the webmail service are said to be: DMARC mail authorization and EV certificates. These security features have been designed to intensify SSl certificates, as told by Microsoft.

How to know if a Site is Secure

The World Wide Web has become a new way of life that people use for everyday living. Society depends on the internet to handle important business and to give accurate information. But like all things, precaution must be taken to avoid harm. Criminals will try to steal sensitive information from users by tricking them.

Top 7 Features of Android 4.0 Ice Cream

From the very beginning, one of the greatest fears of Android users and developers alike was the inevitable fragmentation that comes with supporting so many different devices. While Android's market share increased, the situation continued to deteriorate. With the release of Android 4.0, the platform has been given a facelift and is now easier to use than ever. Here are 7 of the most useful and versatile new features of Ice Cream Sandwich.