List of must have security apps for your mobile [ 2018 ]

Mobile security is increasingly important. We all keep plenty of data on our phones, and some of that data is either personal or sensitive. From the credit card info that’s attached to your Amazon app, to the login data from your banking app, there stuff that we just don’t want other people to know. Or maybe your web browsing history isn’t quite as squeaky clean as it should be. Getting the right kind of security apps for your mobile is essential, but which ones should you choose?

What We’re Looking For.

We’re looking for apps that increase the security on your phone. Useful apps. We’ve dismissed anti-virus or malware apps from this list, since there are tons of them as well as plenty of resources telling you which are the best. So we’re looking at more specialised apps. In addition, a couple of our choices aren’t marketed as security apps as such, they simply have a side effect of increasing security. But if you’re looking to make your data secure, then these are the apps you should think about downloading.

Find My Device

We’re starting out with a no brainer here. Find My Device is by far one of the most useful security apps around. Originally using the name Android Device Manager, Find My Device is a simply little app that tracks your phone. That’s useful if you’ve lost your mobile, had it stolen, or simply can’t remember where it is. You just head to the Find My Device web page on your computer and you’ll get a little blip on a map telling you where your phone is.

But that’s not the real reason we’ve chosen Find My Device. Because the app also has extra features. It allows you to remotely lock your phone, so if you happen to have left it at the office no one can pick it up and get your data. It also allows you to remotely wipe your phone, so if it has been stolen you can erase all that personal data with the press of a button and thieves will never get hold of it. Find My Device is free, and is an absolute essential if you’ve got a mobile phone.

DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser

We all know how much data websites collect about us, and if that thought bothers you, then DuckDuckGo should be one of the first apps that you download. It’s a free, super secure web browser that doesn’t track your web history. It’s sort of like constantly browsing in incognito mode. Once you exit the app, it will no longer remember anything about your last web session. It’s a basic browser and doesn’t have many features other than privacy, but it’s great at what it does. It’s also free, though there are some (non-intrusive) ads.


Haven is a very unique addition to this list, but also a very cool one. Essentially, it lets you turn a secondary device into a security phone. You download Haven onto an old mobile that you no longer use and that mobile will become your security device (you will need a SIM card for certain notifications so your best bet is looking for a low cost rolling sim only deal). It will record sound through the phone’s microphone, it detects light (if someone opens a door, or opens your luggage, for example). And if you stick that secondary phone into your suitcase or handbag it will set off an alarm when that case or bag is moved. Okay, it’s pretty specialised, but it’s also free and could be a great addition for frequent travellers.


If you’re serious about security, then a password manager is a must, and LastPass is the grand-daddy of them all. It stores your individual passwords, so you don’t have to remember all of them (thus encouraging you to use different passwords for different sites, as well as longer, more complicated and therefore more secure passwords). It will also generate super secure passwords for you. It syncs across platforms, so it’ll work on your computer too. And it’s free. There’s a pro version available, but the free version should do everything that the average user needs. Having a password isn’t enough to ensure security. Having a password manager is.


A VPN isn’t just an excuse to be able to watch US Netflix from the UK, or to hide your illegal streaming activity. A good VPN will hide everything you do, from inputting a password into a site, to your web browser history. And ProtonVPN, despite being pretty new, is an excellent choice. It’s free, and has full encryption, so anything you do on your mobile whilst the VPN is switched on will be scrambled. The disadvantage here is that speeds on your phone will be a little slower with a VPN switched on, but that’s a small price to pay for complete privacy.

Resilio Sync

Resilio Sync is another fairly unique app. In basic terms, it allows you to create your own cloud storage system. Let’s say that someone sends you a sensitive document on your phone. You want to be able to back up that document, but you don’t want to send such sensitive info to your DropBox or G Drive account. Resilio Sync creates a cloud of storage on your home computer. So you can back up that document from your phone straight to your own PC without it going through the cloud first. Now that’s security. Resilio Sync is free.

Signal Private Messenger

Finally, if you want to send text messages in absolute privacy you actually have a few options. But with the drama surrounding Facebook, WhatsApp (owned by FB) might not be your first choice anymore. And that’s where Signal Private Messenger comes in. Complete end to end encryption of your messages, group messaging, the ability to have messages disappear after a certain amount of time, and absolutely zero data storing in the app, this is the king of private messaging. It’s free, and the only real downside is that you’ll have to persuade all your friends to download the app too.

Your Phone is not secure, Your Call can be spoofed. Here's How.

This article is only for educational Purpose

Only truly secure system is one that is powered off, cast in a block of concrete.
Well, This might sound like a Sci-Fi Movie but reading of sensitive e-mails and SMS to stealing of photos, tracking of location , spoofing your phone calls can be done, and you can be the target.

How hackers can take control over your Phone ?

The IMSI Catcher

Before I talk about the IMSI Catcher , I'll introduce you to some buzzwords.
IMSI , International Mobile Subscriber Identity. This is a GSM unique identifier that defines a subscriber in the wireless world, including the country and mobile network to which the subscriber belongs. 

ICCID , Integrated Circuit Card ID. This is the identifier of the actual SIM card itself - i.e. an identifier for the SIM chip. It is possible to change the information contained on a SIM (including the IMSI), but the identify of the SIM itself remains the same.

IMEI , International Mobile Equipment Identity and is a unique number given to every single mobile phone, typically found behind the battery.

Simply Put, IMSI catcher is a fake phone base station that tricks cell phones into routing their outbound calls through his device, allowing someone to intercept even encrypted calls in the clear.
Here's a rough discussion on How was it done.
The concept is Simple, your mobile phone automatically tries to route its communications through the strongest signal from nearby phone base towers, and the IMSI Catcher satisfies this need by emitting the strongest signal.

What are some other ways how an attacker tries to gain control over your phone?

If you use P2P services, you might have seen 'cracked' premium apps. In that case, I'll have you known 3 random ways that a attacker tries to gain access on your phone.
  1. A 'cracked' version of a premium app.
  2. Fake Ads/Tricking the user to download malicious app
  3. Uninstalling and installing the malicious version of the same app.
Vodafone In India provides M-PESA service for money transfer , But Security Researchers are able to compromise these systems.

So basically, The type of attacks possible here are only limited by the coding ability and creativity of the hacker.

So Do You think you are Secure? What are you using on your phone to keep yourself secure? Let Us know! 

Running Android Apps On Linux To be a Reality Soon - Shashlik

Running Android Apps on Linux

We all know that Android is a Linux system. But Running Android Apps in real Linux OS like openSUSE, Kubuntu or Netrunner is still hasn't happened yet. Usually it involve either some proprietary, closed source solution, or a virtual machine like virtualbox, inside which you run Android. A project named Shashlik is aiming at making this possible.

Why Can't We Run Android Apps Directly on Linux ?

Android does use the Linux kernel but the layers above it are different enough from other Linux OS for the apps to not run directly. In theory it does seem a complete impossible task to run an android application on a Linux machine but a project has been started by the KDE development team to overcome this problem.

What is Shashlik and How Does it Help in Running an Android App in a Linux Machine

Shashlik is an "Android Simulated Environment" to serve as a launcher for running Android applications on a conventional GNU/Linux distribution. This is what the project is about. This Month ( July 2015) , at the Akademy 2015 Program Shashlik is going to be presented. Here's a link to the Event for Shashlik. 

According to Dan Leinir Turthra Jensen , Shashlik, a collection of Android systems and frameworks as minimal as possible, built to run on a standard, modern linux system, using as much of the standard system as possible, and created to be Free/Libre from its inception.

Shashlik is built to integrate into your existing system, whether it be a desktop, laptop, tablet or even a plasma based phone or television.


The initial Shashlik code can be found on GitHub and more updates on Shashlik will be updated to this post. The Akademy 2015 Program Starts 25th of July 2015. Link to the event can be found above.

So, What Do You Use to run Android Apps on your Linux Machine? And Why Do you use Android Apps on your Linux Machine? Let us know! :)

6 Free Music Apps To Incorporate With Your Android Phone

In the most recent decade innovation has totally changed our lives and you don't have to look any more distant than the music business to perceive how innovation has moved and formed the way we tune in, offer and find music, groups and craftsmen. Before the season of cell phones, it was verging on difficult to discover a melody without knowing the name of the tune or the craftsman. This would most likely oblige you to recording a couple verses to Google and before PCs; you'd presumably never at any point hear that tune again like ever again. Get the latest Smartphone today and get amazing discounts with the latest paytm Offers and never miss out your favorite track.



This is the perfect application for remembering the verses from the song, with a database so enormous, you can precisely discover precisely which melody you're searching for, by simply writing in the verses. The application gives you a chance to label and spare verses, scan them disconnected from the net, and offer them with your companions. The application empowers you to discover tune names, as well as gives you a chance to chime in to your main tunes by giving verses, while listening to the melodies as the application is good with all outsider players.



This is truly an extraordinary application for both the iPhone and android,this application ordinarily comes empowered on latest mobiles as of now. On the off chance that you have a melody that is stuck in your cerebrum you continue murmuring yet just can't discover the name of the tune, on the grounds that the verses are a bit fluffy. You can murmur the song, sing a couple words you do recollect, and the application will distinguish the melody for you in a moment.



This application is the lord among the sound acknowledgment applications. Basically, it holds a colossal record and distinguishes all songs it could be on the TV, radio, in a shop, wherever and gives you the name of the song and the musician. It then connects you through Amazon, YouTube, Rdio, Spotify and iTunes, to purchase or listen to the melodies.



This application can also be downloaded  for PCs and Macs that needs Internet association with access the database to discover the melody. With a straightforward, thumbnail-size interface; you just need to snap and utilize your mic with the tune you need to be distinguished. Tunatic shows intriguing results inside of seconds, alongside the craftsman subtle elements that were not exactly redress.



Midomi is an exceptionally sorted out site with an exceptional web search tool that can listen to melody/tune from any source and propose you name of that melody. This application builds up the most extensive database of searchable music through its immense gathering of music partners and benefactors. Midomi gives you a chance to hunt the melody by singing, murmuring, or notwithstanding shrieking the music and interface with a group that shares your musical hobbies.



Spotsearch is profoundly fused with Spotify, the most well known online music application, along these lines the name. The application specifically connects your item to Spotify so you can listen to the melody in that spot and afterward. Spotsearch gives you a chance to sort in verses so it can recognize the tune you are searching for. Then again, in the event that you have the general Spotify rather than the Spotify Premium, the application will connect you to the YouTube adaptation of the melody.

If this article was helpful and informative for you, please do share your thoughts in the comment section below. If you don’t have a Smartphone yet then you can purchase the latest phones with the latest FlipKart Discount Coupons.

5 Useful Google Chrome Apps

One of the reason why Google chrome is so popular isits mind blowing Apps which makes our task much easier. In this post we will share 5 usefull Google Chrome Apps that you will surely find very useful.

1. Buffer - With Buffer, you can share links and photos on multiple social media websites in one go. You can post stuff to Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google Plus pages.Buffer not only makes it easy for you to post content, it also help you track the performance of your shared links.

2. Mighty Text - MightyText lets you send and received SMS text messages directly from Gmail or Facebook on your computer. All you need to do is install the Mighty Text app on your Android phone. Mighty Text offers a chat style widget inside Gmail and here you can read through your existing text messages or write new

3. Clipular - Clipular is a wonderful screen clipper for the web – you press Alt twice and capture anything on the current web page. Once a screenshot is captured, the image is automatically uploaded to your private Clipular dashboard along with the title and source link of the current page.

4. Disconnect Me - Online advertisers and Internet companies are tracking your activity on the Internet, not for the purpose of snooping but for serving you more personalized search results and more targeted advertising.Disconnect Me is a simple Chrome add-on that will automatically block advertising companies, analytics services and search engines from tracking you online. There’s no configuration required and as soon as you install the add-on, the tracking is suspended.

5. Web Timer - Web Timer is a Chrome extension that will help you keep track of how you’re using your time online. It tracks what websites you are visiting and how many minutes you spend looking at each of them. There’s some intelligence built in for more accurate data. The background timer is only activated when Google Chrome is in focus and your computer isn’t left in an idle state for more than 30 seconds.

Increasing Demand Of Clone Applications And Websites [Infographics]

Increasing Demand Of Clone Applications And Websites [Infographics]
Clone websites or applications are being very popular nowadays. It’s a new concept which is spreading all over the world but many geeks are still unaware of it. So here I have something which contains everything about clone website or application.
This info-graphic is following up with conversation between two guys, which is quite interesting and in the end you will surely understand website cloning.

Increasing Demand Of Clone Applications or Websites
Image courtesy: Nine Hertz

5 Android apps to enjoy the FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014

The FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 have already started and you’re maybe wondering how you can use your Android device to get the most out of the experience. Today there is an android app for almost everything, be it blogging, photo editing, messaging etc. In this post we will share 5 best android apps to enjoy FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014.

FIFA Official App [ Price :Free ]

This is the official FIFA app for android, it features standings, a schedule, coverage of teh whole event. It also runs offers like chance to win a kickoff ball, vote for the man of the match etc. Other features includes player profiles, break downs and a lot more information and coverage of the event.

 Forza Soccer [ Price :Free ]

Forza Soccer is a very popular app among many football fans around the world as it brings informations like  scores, push notifications, and video highlights for hundreds of leagues around the world.

 TuneIn Radio [ Price :Free ]

TuneIn Radio isn’t a sports app, it’s a radio app but they have radio stations that will be covering the FIFA World Cup. You can listen to much more about the events. It comes with social media integration for Google+ and Facebook so you don’t need to make an account.

WatchESPN [ Price :Free ]

This is an excellent App which will let you watch all the 64 matches live online for free.

 ESPN FC Soccer & World Cup [ Price :Free ]

This app have a whole bunch of awesome features that any football fan would love to have. They include video highlights, in-depth reporting and analysis, and even some unique features like Twitter integration so you can see the up to date news, rumors, and stories.

Get latest news updates from Here :

   If we’ve missed an amazing FIFA World Cup app, please leave us a comment and let us know!

Keep Your Children Safe Online With These Top Four Apps

Keeping your children safe online has never been so important, but it has never been so difficult either. There are plenty of programs out there that claim to help you control and monitor their browsing, but not all of these are any good. We list five apps that we’ve found that will do the job properly for you, giving you some much-needed peace of mind that your kids are safe online.

How to develop apps for iPhones and Smartphones and use them in home

Developing apps is one of the priority businesses for many people in the world these days. A very large number of software developers are working for developing apps alone. Their commendable efforts have to be remembered greatly these days if you want to make your system well equipped with different apps. Here are the interesting facts that you have to remember about the app developers from all over the world.