SIM card is now going to be a thing of the Past , With This Invention


The replacement for SIM - eSIM

SIM (Subscriber identity module) is going to be replaced by something called the e-SIM. Apple and Samsung are planning to replace  the traditional SIM card with the new and modern e-SIM. According to The Financial Times , Apple and Samsung are collaborating with GSMA to turn this into reality. 

e-SIM - What is the e-SIM ?

If You ever used iPad 2, you might be familiar with the Apple SIM . The Concept of the e-SIM is quite almost like the Apple SIM. But Unlike the Apple SIM, this e-SIM will be non-removable which will allow a user to quickly and easily change between mobile networks. 

Simply Put, The new e-SIM will be more flexible and it will allow users to move from one network to the other according to techspot .

From the world of GSMA, they are pretty confident that it's a good step towards making the world communicate better. And it's hopeful on the fact that the telecommunication industry will be welcoming this new standard.

When is the Launch for the e-SIM ?

For me to  answer, when will e-SIM will hit the market? will be uncertain. There's still a lot to be done on the e-SIM to be a commercial standard. But GSMA sources are hoping to release the specifications by the year 2016 . 

So What do you think? A full replacement is better or e-SIM will be an alternative for the traditional SIM card? 

Let me know your Views on Comments, Do you think it's a good thing that's coming or do you have some issues with it? Feel Free to Comment!

iPad Air (next generation) To Be Thinner, No 16GB Option [ Specifications]

 iPad Air (next generation) To Be Thinner, No  16GB Option [ Specifications]

From sources within Apple, technology columnist Michael Andrew and his team claim to have obtained photos and illustrations of the second-generation iPad Air. Apple's forthcoming iPad, which is expected to debut on October 16. 

Michael didn't publish the pictures, but did describe some of the design differences in as much detail as possible. The details are as follows:-

  • New iPad Air will come with Touch ID built into the home button.
  • It will also come in a gold colour option, according to Michael.
  • The new iPad is said to come with an 8MP camera instead of the 5MP camera on the first-generation iPad Air.
  • As expected, Michael says it will run on an Apple A8 processor and will come with 2GB of memory as opposed to the 1GB of memory found in the current iPad.
  • The new tablet will be 0.5mm thinner.
  • Apple may get rid of the 16GB option and could instead offer 32GB, 64GB and 128GB storage variants.
  • Expect to see one row grill speakers rather than the two row grill on the current iPad Air.
  • The volume buttons are more recessed. The mute/vibration switch is said to be completely gone in order to keep the design super slim.
We're expecting to hear more about Apple's next iPad in the upcoming days..

Sony Xperia Z3 vs iPhone 6

The smartphone world is multiplying like never before, and the competition has just become more cut-throat. Sony and Apple are the big players; there is a magnitude of excitement surrounding Sony Xperia Z3 and iPhone 6. Techie buffs will be baffled on which one to pick, as both pieces are packed with high-tech innovation. Let’s compare the two phones and decide on a more desirable one.

Sony Xperia Z3

The Z3 sticks to the true blue factor of Sony Xperia series, sources say it is a progression of the past. It is bigger than the X2 packed with superior features


Z3 is awe-inspiring at first glance; firstly it is bigger than Z2 and second the stunning vibrant blue display layer. A glance at the phone and anyone can guess that it is loaded with features. Sony has layered the phone with world class aluminium and tempered glass Omni Balance theme. Handling the phone is easy with angular body and rounded edges; it causes very little strain on the palm. Z3 is a lighter phone than Z2, it weights 152g, lighter by 11g, and Z2 is slimmer than Z2 by 7.3mm. Z3 is covered with glossy glass, and it is sturdy, and never breaks easily, Sony has used a new nylon cap to strengthen the rigidity effect. The Omni Balance design makes the phone dust proof, consumers can carry the phone amidst an outpour of rain and dust, and it will continue to look slate clean. It can be used in the pool or shower. Z3 has the highest water proof rating of IP65/68, the highest in the smartphone world. It can last in 1.5m of water for 30 minutes. There are new colour options as well that are captivating and different from the regular choices such as silver green and copper.


The screen quality of Z3 is stunning, the Z2 itself was mesmerizing; Z3 is a whole new display world. Sources say it is brighter than its predecessor by 20%, the 600 candela screen offers greater readability under razor sharp sunlight. It sports a 5.2 inch full High-Definition (HD) screen, the colours are crisper and so is the contrast. The stunningly marvellous display of colours is the outcome of the revolutionary X-Reality engine setting technology. The 424ppi display is filled with a density of pixels for effective commuting.


The battery power of Z3 is known to be exemplary; sources were able to run a multitude of tasks in half an hour and witnessed no signs of battery drainage. Sony is confident that the battery will last for two whole days, with not just little but regular usage. The phone runs on 3100mAh battery power.


Z3 can be used through any length, the operating system moves rapidly, with minimal space for shutter lag. Consumers can browse through galleries, browsers and home screen in a jiffy. The phone runs on 2.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor and 3GB RAM.

Operating System:

Z3 is powered by Android 4.4 KitKat, which supports a range of apps and widgets. There is so much of excitement to look forward to; users can browse through movies, music services and Walkman app.


The powerful and gigantic ½.3 inch Exmor RS camera works marvellously, owners can have a blast with it. The aftermath effect is a happy feeling with smooth and crisp images. Z3 has the first ISO 12800 sensor, the camera can capture images in faint light surrounding and every detailed description of the object is visible. Z3 has the highest ISO in smartphone world.

Apple iPhone 6


The Apple iPhone series has been a point of exhilaration for years, the iPhone 6 is a leap from the past. It’s got a bigger screen and many more apps.


iPhone 6 is a different iPhone identity to iPhone 5s, and is engineered with new smartphone identity. The front display is colourful, the edges are round, and the 4.7 inch screen builds the aesthetic design quality of the phone. The display is novel Retina HD, glance through the back and it is as picturesque as the colourful front covered with supreme anodized aluminium black.


iPhone 6 is covered with potent Retina HD display with a stunning 1334x750 resolution which is 326ppi. The pixel density capacity is 38% higher than iPhone 5s. It does not have the advanced Quad HD resolution, Apple intends to focus on quality, the phone is engineered with sRGB color technology, and the backlight drop is faint and highlights the trendy sleek nature of the phone.


iPhone 6 operates on an efficient 1,810mAh battery that enables 3G talk time, and 14 hours continuous usage. The battery output is admirable for sufficient usage to engage in fun conversation and discuss important business operations.


The power of iPhone 6 is determined by A8 chip engineered on second generation 64-bit desktop architecture. Its magnificent power is fuelled by M8 motion coprocessor that enables users to browse through apps and widgets and play games swiftly.

Interior processor:

iPhone 6 is powered by a robust QHD  2560x1600 resolution with density of 355 pixels.


Apple iPhone 6 is inserted with iSight camera that operates on image signal processor and Apple designed video encoder tucked into A8 chip. It supports video features and advanced camera such as noise reduction, continuous auto focus, superior face detection and new focus pixels. The image quality is pristine and super crisp.


Sony Xperia Z3 portrays a superior design impact; the screen quality is more animated. iPhone 6 has a great screen display filled with range of colours, but it does not hit the eye at first sight. The battery power of Xperia Z3 is notches higher than iPhone 6. The two phones are engineered with pioneering software technology and true to its own merit. Xperia Z3 functions on a superior interior core processor. iPhone 6 has a marvellous in-built camera that involves greater usage of technology than Xperia Z3. The colour resolution and user interface versatility of both phones are leading-edge.

Samsung - Top Spot In Smartphone Market, Apple At No.2

According to the survey South Korea's Samsung remained at the top of the rapidly growing smartphone market in 2014.

According to the IDC survey, Globally Smartphone market has grown 28.6% from a year ago with 218.8 million mobiles sold.

Apple remained the number two global vendor at 15.5%, which is down from 17.1% one year earlier.
Apple and Samsung are locked in a legal battle in the United States and elsewhere, with the US giant accusing its rival of infringing on patents.

IDC is expecting 19% sales growth in Smartphone this year, following the first billion-plus sales year in 2013.

Ramon Llamas (IDC analyst) said that he sees "sustained strong demand, driven by emerging markets, proliferation of 4G networks and the low-cost devices."
He added that "another record-breaking quarter at the end of the year."

Melissa Chau (IDC research manager) said the Smartphone market is being driven increasingly by China.

Melissa Chau  added that "The face of the Smartphone market is changing rapidly to reflect the rise of its largest market, China, where a record 40% of the Smartphone shipped worldwide in the first quarter were bound to Chinese consumers."

The latest survey did not break down sales by operating system, but suggests that the Google Android system remains dominant, after grabbing roughly 80% of sales in last year.

How to develop apps for iPhones and Smartphones and use them in home

Developing apps is one of the priority businesses for many people in the world these days. A very large number of software developers are working for developing apps alone. Their commendable efforts have to be remembered greatly these days if you want to make your system well equipped with different apps. Here are the interesting facts that you have to remember about the app developers from all over the world.

iPad 4 - Review

Apple has released its latest and powerful tablet popularly known as the iPad 4. The 128GB version of the iPad 4 is available at $1103.47 for Cellular and Wi-Fi and $954.15 for Wi-Fi only. And there are other options available too, 64GB, 32 GB and 16GB models. It is also expected that the new iPhone 5s will be released in near future. Now, let’s find out more about the iPad 4 in the article below.

The Top 5 Tablets of 2013 in India

Today there are so many tablets available in the market that most of the time people get confused as which tablet is best for them and which one they should go for and most of the time the users are ticked to buy a low quality tablet, so here presenting before you the list of top 5 Tablets of 2013 in India that are worth buying.                     

                                                                   Apple iPad 2 

If you are looking to include the best quality gadget in your collection, you must undoubtedly go for the one manufactured by Apple and the iPad 2 is the best choice. The amazingly new features incorporated in the gadget have brought a revolution in the field of tablets and with the launch of the iPad 2, Apple has started the competition way ahead of the others.

Sync iTunes Media Contents to Samsung Galaxy S Phone

As Apple iPhone's major rival, Samsung Galaxy S' market performance in the year of 2012 is very eye-catching. Let's say you just switched iPhone to Galaxy S, but still hope to use iTunes program to manage your videos, music, photographs, and other forms of media on your Galaxy S handset, in this post I will show you how to sync your Galaxy S with iTunes.
You may know that general Android-based smart phones do not provide any services to sync with iTunes.

World’s Freakiest iPhone Apps

There are thousands upon thousands of apps for iPhone users. These apps will do everything from help monitor your power usage to organize your daily schedule. But, what is available for those who are looking for something a bit…different? It only makes sense that with all the apps that are available, some will be for those with an unusual set of interests and sense of humor. Here are some of the freakiest iPhone apps available:

  •          Paranormal Radar – Want to have some fun and freak out your family and friends? This free app is made to simulate ghost hunting tools. It states that it measures EVP, EMP, and ions to pinpoint paranormal activity in an area, which is then displayed on a radar. The app can be a bit creepy and a lot of fun, but it would be more so without all of the banners and full screen advertisements.