Get Unlimited Google Plus Votes to your Blog Posts for Free

Get Unlimited Google Plus Votes to your Blog Posts for Free

After so many updates and changes made by Google in their SERP ranking system, it has become hard for bloggers and other professionals to get a good rank in Google and get good traffic. In order to get a good rank by Google, you not only have to write a good article but also maintain a good social strength of it.

Whenever we write an article on our website, we usually share it on all of our social profiles to get likes, shares and upvotes etc. But sharing does not guarantee that we will get a good response from people. In this post I will share a trick by which one can get Unlimited Google Plus Votes to your Blog Posts for Free.

Before learning about the trick first add a social sharing widget to you blog. There are many free widgets like Sharethis and Addthis which you can add to your blog.

 Get Unlimited Google Plus Votes to your Blog Posts for Free

Google + is a part of Google so Google consider it higher than any other social networking sites like Facebook , twitter etc So in order to get good social strength one must get good response from Google+

Here are the steps to get Unlimited  Google Plus Votes to your Blog Posts

The trick is very simple and does not require much time too. And it does not require any software or any complex method

Get Google+ votes

The first step is to get Google+ votes, and in order to do so join Communities. There are lots of popular communities in Google+ with huge number of members. Join them all

Join almost 20-30 Communities and also join a few commenuties which is related to your Blogging Niche.

The Main Trick

  • Now after joining Google+ communities, here is the main trick to get Unlimited Google Plus Votes to your Blog Posts.

  • Go to google images and download few images related to technology, Famous quotes, Funny pics etc.

Get unlimited google+ votes for free

  • Now Go to the communities that you joined and upload any of the images that you have downloaded. And in the post section put the link of your blog post. And share it. Do the same in All the communities.

Now you will start getting a good number of Google+ votes in your blog post. What exactly happens is that each time someone in the community votes for your post, automatically you get vote for your blog post too.

Add Falling Snowflakes to Your Blog

Its Winter here and everyone is doing something to make their website/blog look attractive this winter.some of them are using santa clause logo while some of the webmasters are using christmass banners.

Do you have a blog? if yes than you must thy this gadget.If you notice Hackatrick you will see the snowfall in the site.If you too want this snowfall in your blog than try this.

How To Keep Blog Readers Interested In the Long Term

If you have a long, then you know just how hard it can be to keep readers over the long term. Often times blogs will start to get attention from other blogs within the same niche, and then will be unable to keep their readers for a substantial period of time. Luckily, there are many things that you can do to try to keep your readership, but like any successful online venture, it is going to take tact, and effort. There are a few different strategies that you can use to ensure that you are able to keep your readers over the long-term, and make sure that they are always going to be interested in the information that you provide. A few of the things that you should take into consideration if you look at ways to keep your readers include:

How to get more likes on your Facebook Fan page

Facebook is the social networking hub which can prove to be a very useful medium to promote your blog and get targeted visitors. Facebook Fan page is a must for every business these days no matter if it is online or offline. If used successfully and marketed well you can end up having thousands of likes on your Facebook page. The Facebook Page keeps your readers updated about the happenings on your blog even if they do not visit it quite often. When a user likes any of your posts on Facebook than that makes it visible to their friends which indirectly increases your blogs visibility and reach.

If you have been unsuccessful in getting more likes on your Facebook fan page than some of the tips given in this post by me are sure to help you get some more likes on your Facebook page.

Strong Friends Network: 

This is one of the most crucial and probably most helpful in increasing the number of likes on your Facebook fan page. If you have a strong network of loyal friends on Facebook than you don’t have to do much for getting likes on your page. You can start sharing your page with your network of friends and tell them about your page and how it will help you. All of your friends may not like the page at once but you can share it often on your wall and tell them about your brand or blog. Don’t forget that each like counts because when your friends like your page than in-turn they are sharing it with their friends.