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14 October 2019

Top Exchanges to buy Bitcoin in India 2019

I'm sure if you are someone who knows about the internet then you will surely know or heard about bitcoin at least once, maybe from your friends or maybe in the news. As Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, ethereum gave crazy returns over the last few years hence everyone today wants to invest in it.

But in India back in April 2018, RBI stopped giving services to crypto exchanges so things became a bit difficult for users to buy and sell. Also due to this reason a lot of exchanges Like Koinex, Coinome etc closed their business in India. But that does not mean you cannot buy Bitcoin anymore. This is because buying and selling of cryptocurrencies are not yet illegal in India.

In this article, we will see few Indian exchanges which are operational in 2019 and by which you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, ethereum, etc.


WazirX is probably the best cryptocurrency exchange in India right now. I'm personally using WazirX most of the time. The good thing about WazirX is that they have a good number of users and hence the P2P process of exchanging Fait to crypto is very fast. Also recently they have come up with their own STF. 

STF is basically a kind of Mutual fund for cryptocurrency where you give the money to some traders and they trade your money and try to make a profit. WazirX acts as a middle man to protect your money. You can buy and sale all major cryptocurrencies using WazirX.


Bitbns is started back in 2017 by IIT graduates. They mainly focus on ease of use, customer support, and security. Just like wazirX , they too support P2P. I tried bitbns a few times and really loved the service. So you can try bitbns too.

Join Bitbns here: Bitbns


CoinDCX is a new cryptocurrency exchange in India which was started by a team of passionate blockchain enthusiasts based out of India. Their aim is to bring Indians closer to the next digital revolution by building the country’s most advanced Digital Asset Exchange.

They have almost all the known cryptocurrency in their platform. 

You can join them here : CoinDCX


All the three above mentioned exchanges are the top cryptocurrency exchanges in India right now. There are few more but these are the ones which i use frequently.  While putting your money always use reputed cryptocurrency exchanges and don't put your money in any random exchanges even if they give very interesting offers.