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2 October 2019

Partner With An Influencer To Make The Most Out Of Instagram

If you want to use Instagram to its fullest capacity you should not only follow the best Instagram marketing strategy as suggested by the experts and use all the features and tools that it provides but will also have to look over and beyond it. Looking for and partnering with the industry influencers is one such way that will pay you high return on your investment. 

Spend some time and do some research so as to find a few people or pages that are considered to be the influencers in social media landscape particular to your industry. Typically, these people and accounts will have a large number of Instagram followers who are not only more engaging but are also loyal to the influencers.

However, in order to impress the influencer and increase the chances of getting followed by the large number of followers of the influencers, you will have to create an impressive and meaningful Instagram profile. 

In addition to that, you will be better off if you get to know a few other things such as:

  • What they are doing?
  • What are they sharing?
  • What are they commenting on?
It will also help you a great deal if you know what exactly is trending in your particular industry generally.

In addition to that, re-sharing their content, mentioning and commenting on their postings is another good and effective way to get noticed on Instagram platform as well as to establish a strong trust with them.

Other useful ways

If you can do Instagram marketing in the best possible way, it can increase the number of followers and in turn raise the chances of making a sale without being to pushy to make it. It is all about selecting the best pictures and posting them at the right time of the day. 

However, that does not mean you will be seen always and every time. In order to make sure that you are seen and to make your Instagram marketing efforts more effective, you will need to follow a few specific ways mentioned as under:

Add the URL of your website to your Instagram business profile as this will help you in both gaining a high SEO as well as get more traffic to your site increasing the chances of conversion and making a sale.

Use hashtags more effectively, wisely and selectively as these will generate more followers and give a better exposure of your Instagram postings.  Make sure that you use the best, relevant and most popular hashtags and also follow the best practices on using hashtags to ensure that these are used correctly.

Use Instagram ads to the optimal level as that will raise the chances of more potential followers viewing your postings. It will also make it easier for you to get your posts in front of your followers.

Care for the timeline because it will show a limited number of posts. Moreover, it is all the more important because ideally an active Instagram user will most probably follow a number of accounts and hundreds of people at a time. 

Try to get more organic visibility for your posts as that will help your business significantly. However, this may seem a bit difficult because there may be a change made by the platform in its algorithm. It is therefore better to research and stay updated with the changes, if any.

Target the right audience always so that you can make the most of this photo and video sharing app and gain much better results than organic. Use proper tracking and analytical tools so that you gain a lot of insights and data that will help you to improve your Instagram advertising campaigns even further.

You must also make it easy for the Instagram followers to share your content. When the viewers like your pictures on your Instagram account, they will surely share it with their friends, colleagues and family. Therefore, make it a point that you include proper share buttons and also check that these buttons are working perfectly to make sharing an easy task for the users.

Use relevant images on your account. For this you will need to have enough images to select from. You may not always use the images of the product especially if you want to have multiple picture is the same feed. You can use images of a model or even a common person using your product and even the behind-the-scenes images of people working on your product to give the pictures a more human touch.

Optimize your calls-to-action so that it urges the users to perform the specific action that you want them to perform. It will raise the engagement as well as increase the number of clicks you receive. Use common, short and effective calls to action such as“Click Here,”“Read More,”or “Visit Our Site.” This will persuade the readers to click on these and drive them to your site. Make sure that the CTAs that you add benefit your audience. 

With all these best practices followed, you will get the results as expected. With a better Instagram bio and the best pictures, selected, edited, filtered and posted, you can rest assured that your posts will be viewed as well as shared by the followers, both the existing one as well as by the whole new subset of your audience.

Summing up with reasons

One of the most significant reasons to use Instagram for your marketing purpose is to increase your website traffic. With over 800 million active monthly users, this ideally will not be a very difficult task. 

Just make sure that the pictures that you post show some real thing and tell a better story and not just feature your product simply. The useful features and tools of this popular video and photo sharing app will help you to make beautiful pictures adding a human touch to it. 

This is another significant reason why businesses, small or large, irrespective of their nature,  today integrate Instagram with their business marketing efforts.