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4 September 2019

Time To Analyze Social Media Traffic To Your Site Using Goggle Analytics

Are you planning to track traffic that the social media sends to the website? With the help of Google Analytics, you are about to receive some of the valuable insights on the visitors that might find you on multiple social media platforms. This guide is all about showing you ways to conduct social media based traffic analysis. For that, you might have to get along with the Google Analytics for a change. 

The more you research, the better you are likely to understand the value of social media and why you need to use it for the sake of growing your human traffic. Whether you are using Instagram and looking for the real Instagram likes or just tweeting some post on Twitter; there are so many interesting ways you can use social media in your favor. At the end of it all, it is all about inviting more and more potential clients and customers towards your business through the online source.

Why you bother analyze the social media traffic on the first place:

Well, you have heard a lot about analyzing the social media traffic and the first question that pops up in your mind why you need to work on that. Well, Google Analytics is known to offer you with the detailed report that you care to get on the social media based traffic now. There are some major benefits involved with the idea of conducting that much awaited social media based traffic analysis. You better get those points straight to understand the importance of social media analyzing right from the core till the last.

  • You have the right to just identify and mark down those social media sites, which will be sending most visitors that you care to have to the site belonging to your name. You will further get in line with the social media channels, which might need a tad bit more of your attention. 

  • Through the help of Google Analytics methods, you get the chance to just figure out how engaging the social media visitors are likely to be. It can be well analyzed by measuring the time they are willing to spend on your website. This data can also help you in just figuring out if you are actually targeting the proper audience or if you are just offering the right content as being promised on the social media channels now.

  • Another interesting point associated with analyzing the social media sites is that you get the opportunity to just compare the ratio of the new visitors versus the engaging or the returning visitors. An example might be of great help in this regard. In case, the visitors are not caring much to return to your website more often, then it is a signal that you have to change the social media strategy to something else, which can boost more engagement.

  • Moreover, if you are not receiving the right kind of social media traffic you want, it means someone else in the competitive market is doing it better than you. At this point, you have to work as a customer to visit the competitive site to see what they are doing right and differently from you. For that, though research is the only way out. Once you have done that, you can try infusing the same method to your section to gain more social media based traffic.

Ways you can view the social media based traffic in Google analytics:

There are some simple steps that you might have to follow for viewing the social media based report of the brand site you own in the Google Analytics. For the first timer it is tough to address this notion, but it will work out pretty well for sure.

At first, it is mandatory for you to log in to the Google Analytics and then get to select the proper website which you are likely to choose for viewing the social media based report. 

In the available left task bar, you have to navigate through the option namely “Acquisition.” After that, it is followed by All Traffic and then finally to Channels. Here, you get the opportunity to go through and check out the details Channels report. For the next step, you need to click right on the Social column for the next stop.

Upon clicking on the “Social” button, you are likely to come across a complete list of the social media based traffic report of the site you own. It is more like getting a clear result of the hard work you have put into to make the site work and last long.

Mandatory for you to interpret social media based traffic data:

Just by default, the Google Analytic reports will care to display the raw data of the current social media based traffic right in a table based view form. Just to help you interpret the data with simple steps and ease, you can always change the view of the said report in this regard. Other than the tabular view, the Google Analytics help in supporting some of the major views as well.
  • It helps in displaying a pie chat for showing the contributions made to the total for selected metric now.

  • Performance is another note over here. With the help of the horizontal bar chart, it helps in displaying the relative performance of the present metric as selected.

  • Next stop is the comparison. With the help of a bar chart, it helps in showcasing the performance of selected metric to the average site.

  • Another notion over here is the term cloud. It helps in displaying visual representations of the said keywords of the present site. This view is noted to be the perfect option for interpreting the data of the keyword of site.

All these points are mandatory for you to get through whenever you are willing to analyze the social media traffic with the help of Google Analytics. The results will gladly work in your favor.

Author bio:

Karen Anthony is a social media marketing expert who has worked with several startups and small businesses and launch campaigns to boost their online presence and visibility.