5 Best External Hard Drives to Buy In 2018

Information is power and today everyone has increasingly important data that needs to be stored using safe and reliant devices. As the demands for the technology rises, new innovations that cater to every whim and fancy of the population are being created. The quest for the perfect hard disk ends only when you find one which is compatible with your device, fits your needs and falls within your estimates price range. Let’s take a look at top five must buy external hard drives that 2018 has given us till date.

1. Western Digital My Passport Wireless Pro:

The latest version of the Western Digital My Passport Pro does not compromise on quality, specifications or technology, even if it is a bit steeply priced at 25,490 INR. With a whopping 6400 mAh battery, the disk can be used completely free of wire, to do transfers. It has an on-board SD card slot, 2 TB capacities and a USB 3.0 support. However, the connections available for wired connectivity are type-A and B, the type-C port being very visibly absent.

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2. OWC Thunder Bay 4 Mini

Priced close to 50,000 INR, this hard drive offers a huge range of space options as well as lightning speed transfers. However, the drawback comes in the form that it can be used only for Apple systems. The drive comes with options of 1TB, 2TB, 4TB and 8 TB. Two Thunderbolt-2 ports ensure that the extremely “high read and write speed” is well maintained. However, this also means the disk cannot be used with non-thunderbolt devices.

3. Buffalo MiniStation Extreme NFC

At just 8663 INR, the Ministation Extreme is a very enticing product. A very appealing design compounded with NFC security is what makes it so much more desirable than its predecessors. Compatible with both MAC and Windows systems, the drive has USB 3.0 interface and offers a storage space of 2TB. Even though the drive may not be the fastest one available, it makes up for the pitfalls in speed by being extremely user-friendly. On the plus side, the case it comes with is dust and waterproof as well.

4. Western Digital My Passport

The 4TB MyPassport offered by Amazon at 9,390 INR has great data transfer speeds and storage space for that price. Added features enabling cloud storage are available with this model. The storage size options start from 1TB – 4TB. Based on HDD’s you will get a high level of performance from the drive.

5.  Adata SD700 External SSD

The Adata SD700 boasts IP68 Rating and very high transfer speed. The disk in and of itself is very sturdy and comes to a maximum capacity of 1TB, which is all you need from a drive using SSD. All your needs will be taken care of by this drive at a very much affordable price beginning from 11,258 INR on Amazon.

It is important to find the right hard disk. However, it becomes increasingly difficult for us to figure out one that hits all the right notes. Not only regarding the features, but also the price and durability.