How Can Games Help In Education

This infographic explains how games can be important for the learning of children in the educational system. The most important thing that the infographic explains is that in our environment, children grow up using technological gadgets, and this particular thing contributes to the development of the learning process in general. That is to say, little children are more likely to learn from these latest innovations for more easily than they would learn from traditional ways. Thus the usage of games can be really helpful for children in order to learn more things in an effective manner.

There are different reasons why the games can also be used for educational purposes and you can see it all in the infographic which is compiled by Kyle Ward who works at GamePeriod. The most important benefit of using games is that children are familiar 2with these things because they start playing games even before they start school. Therefore, learning by playing games helps children, and they aren’t afraid of the novelty of the learning process itself. The other reason is that all the kids love playing games, and hate going to school – at least in the initial levels – but learning with games eliminates this hesitation to go to schools.

It is an ongoing debate that whether children love from playing games or not, and the majority seems to agree that they do. However, where people agree, they don’t know anything about the mechanisms or scientific data or facts that prove this. You can also find this scientific evidence in the infographic. A research by Paul Howard Jones is mentioned in the infographic which indicates that when children play games, the dopamine level in their brains increases and which is very fruitful for productivity and creativity. The dopamine has two specific functions: the first one is that it promotes productivity, and the second one is that it makes connections between neurons. We learn by the associative power of our memory, that is to say, we learn by making the association of new things to existing ones in our brains. Thus more the association, the more we would be able to recall and retain.

The other aspect of the introduction of gaming in the educational system is because games promote the motivational level of the children. As they play games, they are confronted with different challenges, which teach them to stand on their own. On the other hand, these games also have different problems that require some solutions; so when children come up with different solutions, in fact, they are developing their skills of problem-solving and decision making. In the expanding era of technology, games aren’t the only things that can be used. Many educational apps are also being introduced into the educational system.

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