NoobSecToolkit V3 – A Security Students Playground

It is important to learn how to do things manually but tools saves our time. NoobSecToolkit is a Python Based Tool kit that brings together powerful security and anonymity tools and scripts with predefined security configurations and modifications. Making it very simple for students to get started with offensive security!

This third release of the Toolkit comes included with the following options:

Toolkit Options:

  • (sqli)SQL Injector
  • (vulscan) Vulnerability Scanner
  • (dinfo) Gather Basic Domain Info
  • (apf) Admin Page Finder
  • (discover) Information Harvester
  • (hashtype) Identify Hash Type
  • (hexconv) Hex encoder and decoder!
  • (converters) Web Converters
  • (dping) DOS/Ping Target For 1,000 Seconds
  • (stegattack) Steghide Dictionary Attacker
  • (steghide) Install, Learn and Use Steghide
  • (uihanalysis) Intrusion Analysis (URL,IP,HASH)
  • *Options For Deploying an SSH Backdoor (COMING SOON)
  • (osint) aids in the process of information gathering
  • (toolbox) Extra Set of Tools
This tool kit also have various Security options.

Security Options:

  • (macspoof) Spoof Mac Address
  • (itor) install Tor
  • (stor) Start Tor
  • (tors) Check Tor Status
  • (vpn) VPN Launcher (COMING SOON)
  • (encdns) Encrypt DNS
  • (quit) – (home) – (clear)-(update)

The Kit  Features scripts for all sorts of tasks including:
  • Vulnerability Scanner
  • Sql Injector
  • Domain Info
  • DNS Encryption
  • Admin Page Finder
  • VPN Downloader (Provider is DOWN) Tor Installer
  •  Mac Address Spoofing

 Install Instructions

The installation process is very easy and straight forward. You need to do the following to install it.

(1) CTRL + ALT + T (Open Terminal)
(2) git clone
(3) cd NoobSecToolkit/NoobSec-Toolkit/
(4) python