Google Play store paid Applications now from 10 (INR)

Apple leads, Google follows—much to the delight of Indian mobile application developers and users.

First, Apple made mobile applications available for as low as INR 10. Now, Google has done the same: Google Play apps are now available for INR 10 (earlier the minimum price was INR 50).

Why Google has slashed the minimum price?

Google actually didn’t have a choice. It could either join Apple or risk getting left behind in the Indian mobile application market.

A few weeks back, Apple introduced a multitier price system for its Indian Apps store. One of the highlight was the minimum price tag on the applications. Developers could now price their applications at INR 10.

Taking the cue from its Cupertino-based counterpart, Google also decided to reduce the minimum price. While earlier a user had to shell a minimum of INR 50 to enjoy a paid application in Google Play store, now he could access it for only INR 10.

The reason why Apple, and now Google, has lowered the price is actually pretty simple. India is a big country with a big population, and with a good part of the population following in the age bracket that uses the mobile applications most, the potential in the mobile app niche is stupendous. As most, if not all, Indian buyers are price conscious, both these giants are hoping to exponentially increase the number of downloads by lowering the minimum price (and this is by no means an unrealistic estimation).

What does the news means for developers and gamers?

Earlier developers listing applications in Google Play India had two options :

  • To provide their applications for free and charge through in-application purchases
  • To list a price of INR 50 or more on their applications, even after knowing that many users will not easily    part with that kind of money to buy their games

However, now developers can price their apps for INR 10, an amount which most gamers will not find high. So, basically the price slash will help developers to reach out to more people. It also makes testing new applications easier. First-time developers too will now find it easier to enter the mobile application market.
Gamers, on the other hand, can now enjoy their favorite games without worrying too much about the price factor. 

What else is Google doing to entice more users?

Google realizes Indian audience is unique. That’s why it has recently started selling Google Play Prepaid Vouchers (also known as Google Play Gift Cards).

Something like this won’t have much impact in most countries, at least not in the developed countries. However, in India, where a substantial number of people are still not comfortable in making electronic payments, this is a good move.

Google Play Prepaid Vouchers, available in different denominations, can be bought online as well as offline. With these vouchers, just like the price slash, Google plans to attract more customers to its fold.

Both these strategies will make an impact in immediate future is pretty clear. The only question is how much.

About The Author 

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