Regular Expression Guide - Free Ebook

Simply put, It is a series of symbolic notations used to identify patterns in text or to identify certain amount of text. Its roots are at computer theory and mathematics but In this book we'll discuss only the high level view with some real life examples which is enough to get you started. Regular expressions are supported by many command line tools and by most of the programming languages out there to facilitate the solution of text manipulation problems. So, now we know that regexes are used for text manipulation. That's great! Simple infact. What's more to it that makes it so complex? Not all Regular Expressions are the same. They vary from language to language and tool to tool. For eg. The '%' in SQL is the '*' in POSIX standards.

Who is this book aimed at ?

Beginners . Programmers who are trying to get better and more productive on what they are doing. This book unlike other books on regexes explains everything from the very start so that the reader develops a very good concept about what regular expression really is. 

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Globbing and Regular Expressions
  • Regular Expressions: A Deeper Look
  • Metacharacters
  • BRE , ERE and POSIX classes
  • Examples to drive home the concepts
  • Bibliography
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