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6 July 2015

Anonymously Access Wi-Fi from 2.5 Miles Away Using This Device

Well it is impossible to keep the identity anonymous in today's era under the strict governmental surveillance because once the IP address is found the user's privacy is over and the identity is disclosed so Tor and VPNs are the devices of previous era wherein virtual reality remained intact.
However, a Security Researcher Benjamin Caudill has devised a method to retain the privacy and it enables the consumers to connect with public Wi-Fi network about 2.5 Miles away. Most importantly, the user is ensured of privacy and anonymity via the low ranged and unidentifiable frequency signals. Due to the increasing internet traffic the real identity of the user will not be disclosed easily by this new technique and the spies along with some other government agencies will not be able to grab the IP address. This new technique is found useful to the whistle blowers, journalists, dissidents and criminals.


Proxyham is composed of a WiFi-enabled Raspberry Pi computer and three antennas setup. One of the antennas connects to a source public Wi-Fi network while the other two transmit the Wi-Fi signal at a frequency of 900 MHz.

Therefore, this appliance works very effectively with a radio connection of 900 Megahertz. It is capable of  connecting distanced Wi-Fi, at a range of 1 to 2.5 Miles. Though several interference factors are considered.

In case some spying agents manage to track the target's internet connection they will only be able to disclose the IP address of ProxyHam box which would be transmitting some low-level radio signal thousands of feet away at different direction.

Caudill disclosed that he along with some of his colleagues are working over a Motherboard with an additional feature of self-destructing the ProxyHam.

Future models of Proxyham would be smaller enough to fit it into some book thus, making it easier to hide. If thrown into some library, Proxyham would be very difficult and time-taken to be identified.

Caudill will launch this anonymity protector ProxyHam box in the Def Con hacker conference which will be held in Las Vegas, the next month wherein he plans to release some  hardware specs, source code and even the blueprint of this device thus, making it easier for others to develop their own.

The estimated cost of this anonymity protector and distanced Wi-Fi hacker is $200 which is expected to drop to $150.

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