LG Launches Smartphone - G4

LG's mobile chief, Juno Cho, said that “smartphones have become clones of one another.” He also  said that . "Almost all the phones on display and introduced looked same — the same metal casing and emphasis on thinness, overall form factors that are very similar."

At the announcement of G4 smartphone they stated : We're not like theothers. LG is seeking to distinguish its new G4 phone from Apple's iPhones and Samsung's Galaxy smartphones by two ways-Optional leather backs and manual camera controls.

Using metal or ceramic, LG will make phones with traditional backs, too. LG said leather models will cost more in some markets although the prices weren't announced. The G4 is available immediately in LG's home country of South Korea. It will be available around the world in the coming weeks.

Here's how the G4 stacks up:

The design

LG made a dig at Samsung, without naming it, by pointing out that glass backs can be marred with fingerprints. Some of Samsung's older phones had imitation leather backs. The G4 will have a choice of leather finishes. The G4 uses real leather and has stitching down the middle — for looks, more than anything.

The Camera

LG is adding features to improve low-light images. These are improvements over the average smartphone, the inclusion of a lens that can open wider to let in more light and reduce blur.

The G4 also has a plethora of manual controls, rivalling those of full-body cameras known as single-lens reflex (SLR). LG said no other major smartphone released "this year" has that capability. LG was careful about the phrasing.

Most cameras use JPEG, which takes less storage space but introduces distortion in the compression. The G4 differs in letting people save images in RAW format, which permits a greater degree of editing.

One nice feature, even if the phone's display is off it has the ability to snap a photo by pressing the power button on the back twice. Samsung's S6 launches the camera with the double press of the home button, but the user still has to then take the shot. LG also made a dig at Samsung for this, without naming the company.

In an interview, Cho said LG "felt that kind of experience is important for the customer." As much as LG tries to be different, the layout of the G4's photo gallery resembles the iPhone's.


The G4 also has a slot for a memory card — something lacking in the iPhone and S6 phones. LG keeps the slot — especially important if people start storing all their photos in RAW.

Few phones have non-removable batteries these days, in part to keep phones thin. LG sacrificed thinness so the battery can be removed and replaced with a spare.