How to enable voice calling feature on WhatsApp

Recently WhatsApp rolled out its much awaited  feature whatsapp call using which one can make call to their whatsapp friends.

However, the feature is in the beta version and is not yet ready for a public release. One can get the call feature if they have the latest version ( 2.11.520 ) and if someone with the call feature makes a call to them. On 14th February I got a call from one of my friend and the feature was activated on my whatsapp account and this is how it looks now.

 Once I got the call feature I started calling my friends to activate their WhatsApp call feature. But the call feature was not getting activated on 15th February . Many user on various forums reported that the call and invite feature was not working for them now . There are various methods available online which claims to activate the call feature in WhatsApp. So i along with my friend  Dominik Tanas tried various methods available online to see if it works.

Method 1 :Using terminal emulator

We used the terminal emulator where one needs to type the following in the Using terminal emulator

am start -n com.whatsapp/com.whatsapp.HomeActivity
But it did not work and we had the same old User interface.

Method 2 : Decomplie and edit xml file

In the second method one needs to decomplile whatsapp and edit the Androidmanifest.xml file and change a few lines of code to enable the feature but even this trick was not working for us.

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The call feature is now in beta mode and on 15th February WhatsApp took down the call and activate feature so now even if your friend have the call feature and you get a call, your WhatsApp won't get the call feature.