Samsung - Top Spot In Smartphone Market, Apple At No.2

According to the survey South Korea's Samsung remained at the top of the rapidly growing smartphone market in 2014.

According to the IDC survey, Globally Smartphone market has grown 28.6% from a year ago with 218.8 million mobiles sold.

Apple remained the number two global vendor at 15.5%, which is down from 17.1% one year earlier.
Apple and Samsung are locked in a legal battle in the United States and elsewhere, with the US giant accusing its rival of infringing on patents.

IDC is expecting 19% sales growth in Smartphone this year, following the first billion-plus sales year in 2013.

Ramon Llamas (IDC analyst) said that he sees "sustained strong demand, driven by emerging markets, proliferation of 4G networks and the low-cost devices."
He added that "another record-breaking quarter at the end of the year."

Melissa Chau (IDC research manager) said the Smartphone market is being driven increasingly by China.

Melissa Chau  added that "The face of the Smartphone market is changing rapidly to reflect the rise of its largest market, China, where a record 40% of the Smartphone shipped worldwide in the first quarter were bound to Chinese consumers."

The latest survey did not break down sales by operating system, but suggests that the Google Android system remains dominant, after grabbing roughly 80% of sales in last year.