Facebook - Faceing Lawsuit For 'Harvesting' Private Messages

Facebook faces class-action lawsuit in Canada for allegedly intercepting private message of its users of social network.

The private messages were “harvested” by Facebook in violation of its ‘users’ privacy, without their knowledge. This was been said on Wednesday by Rochon Genova, the law firm representing the users. 

Facebook did not disclose to users that their private messages would be intercepted and scanned, and all the contents of those messages treated as “likes” for third-party sites through the social plug-in function, according to the law firm.

The class-action lawsuit in Ontario includes all Canadian resident Facebook users who sent or received their private messages containing URLs up to October 2012. There are more than 18 million Facebook users in Canada and around three-quarters of them log on to Facebook at least once a day.
The company is already facing similar lawsuits in the US for alleged interception and scanning of the content of private messages.