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28 July 2013

Keep Your Children Safe Online With These Top Four Apps

Keeping your children safe online has never been so important, but it has never been so difficult either. There are plenty of programs out there that claim to help you control and monitor their browsing, but not all of these are any good. We list five apps that we’ve found that will do the job properly for you, giving you some much-needed peace of mind that your kids are safe online.

1 - K9 Web Protection

This is a free program that regulates your internet connection. You can restrict access, you can limit time spent online,you can completely block websites and filter access by keywords. You can also access a fully detailed internet usage report. The program will let you set up an alarm so that if somebody tries to view a page that you have blocked, you’ll know about it! If access is tried repeatedly you can program the computer to shut down altogether. It’s an intelligent piece of software which is very popular with parents everywhere.

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2 – Family Cyber Alert

This app blocks access to inappropriate sites and it also monitors activity online. It has been referred to as ‘every child’s worst nightmare’ as pretty much nothing slips through the net! This has a key-logging facility and it stores records of emails, files and instant messaging activity. The screen capture facility can even be made into a video of the internet session so you can watch the activity as it unfolds! The drawback is that it’s very difficult to uninstall (so that your children are not able to!) but there are still ways of doing it.

3 – Anti-Porn

Anti-Porn is a brilliant app which completely blocks and prevents access to any sort of internet porn. You can adjust the settings so that you are in control of the sensitivity. You can also create blacklists and white lists. You can take screen grabs of activity and save them for review. You can even set how long the internet is accessible every day so that usage is limited. It is known to be very effective, and the only drawback is that the computer shuts down every 45 minutes for 15 minutes (in order to protect the child’s eyes). This is by default; however it can be switched off.

4 – ParentalControl Bar

This app prevents children from accessing websites that are not authorised. It’s integrated into a browser bar for ease of use. You just list the sites which you want to block and it’ll do it for you. It is not completely watertight and a clever kid could probably get round it, so it’s probably only suitable for younger children who haven’t yet sussed how to get around parental controls!

It may be worth experimenting with a few different programs to find one that works for you. The best ones are user-friendly and very hard to get around. Protecting your children from inappropriate web content is your responsibility, so make sure you have the software in place to monitor their usage, and to completely block access where necessary.

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The author of this guest post, Jason Haddad, is a tester at He is a tech enthusiast and enjoys sharing his views and opinions on matters related to online safety and security.