Interview with Indian Security Researcher Deepanker Verma

India is the country having best IT talent in the world. Most of those talented people join big IT companies but few try to make their own way. Today, I am going to introduce an Indian security researcher, web developer, and tech blogger (All-In-One) Deepanker Verma. He has so many achievements which are enough to tell how talented he is.

Question: Tell me about yourself.

Answer: I am simple computer programmer interst in web development and web security. I completed my engineering in June 2011 and then started a company Slash Infosystems with one of my online friend. Company was based in Lucknow. Soon, we got a big project of AutoExpo 2012. AutoExpo is Aisa's biggest automobile show. We successfully developed the software for the exhibition. After that, I left the company due to personal reasons. Since college days, I was interested in security and had few personal blogs with good traffic. As I was getting good part time income from my blogs. After leaving the company, I started working on my blogs full time and started doing freelancing work.

I blog on,, and Now I hardly blog on due to busy schedule. I also own Techlomedia Gadgets

Question: How did you come in security?

Answer: I was always interested in computer. I had a computer in home and always wished to be master in it. I learnt C and C++ at home by myself. When I tool admission in Engineering, my interest became my passion. I always tried to know more and more about this. Once, there was a hacking workshop at a college in my city but I couldn't attended. Then, I began learning everything my self with few online blogs. I heared about Ankit Fadiya but soon i realized that I am on wrong path. Facebook helped me a lot. I came in touch with Rafay Baloch. I heared about hall of fames. As I was also interested in web development, I began learning web security. In few months, with help of few blogs and forums I learnt lots of things.

Question: When did you start Bug Hunting and what was your first finding?

Answer: I started bug hunting in August 2012 and my first finding was header injection in Apple.

Question: Which are the websites on which you have found vulnerabilities so far?

Answer: I have found vulnerabilities in Microsoft, Google (not eligible for HOF), Apple, Ebay, AOL, Symantec, (Belongs to Microsoft), Panda Security, K7 Antivirus and many other websites.

Question: You have also been mentioned in Softpedia multiple times..

Answer: Yes, I saw that many of my vulnerabilities finding was featured in Softpedia news.

Question: You are also a good developer. I saw your Notedip. Tell me something about that?

Answer: NoteDIP is an online app which I made over night just for fun. I never knew it became too famous. It is for sending self-destructing messages online. I think mobiles apps of NoteDIP can do better. I am thinking to bring NoteDIP on mobile devices too.

Question: What other skills you have apart from Web security. I mean programming languages?

Answer: As I said earlier, I am good in web development. I have good knowledge of WordPress. I know C, C++, Java, PHP and JavaScript. I am also good in designing with HTML5 and CSS. I developed an adsense plugin for WordPress and an open source photo gallery project hosted on sourceforge.

Question: How do you manage all these things?

Answer: It is really hard for me to manage all these things. This is why I am not active in all these things. I usually do blogging. Because it is easier for me. Whenever I get time, I do bug hunting for fun. At night, I work on freelancing web security and web development projects.

Question: What are your future plans?

Answer: I am working hard on Techlomedia. It has good traffic from India but it is not enough. I am trying to make it large as a technology news website. I am planning for that and soon going to start it as a company. Personal Blogging earns me good but I want to have a brand recognition as a company.

Question: How much you earn from all these things?

Answer: It depends on the time I spend. Now, I spend more time in planning, talking people to know more about the market. Still I earn good and more than a IT professional of my age. But I cannot reveal exact figures.

Question: What would you like to be called?

Answer: I would like to be called a web developer and security researcher who also like to share his knowledge via blogs. Sometimes people can't believe that a person can be good in so many areas.

Me: Thanks for giving your time in answering my questions

Answer: It is my pleasure to talk to you