Reviewing the 3 Best Android Tablets in India

If you are looking forward to seriously using a Tablet, please give the lower end a miss. The Chinese imports are fine for your kids to play low end games and use the eLearning Apps. If you want to use the Tab for heavy browsing, email apps or chatting besides working out on your presentations , worksheets and documents as well as use entertainment/media based apps and serious high end gaming please check out the three offerings in the Indian Android Market today.

1. Samsung Galaxy Note 800

2. Nexus 7C

3. Sony Xperia Z

                                Samsung Galaxy Note 800

This Tablet has been in the market for a while, hence time tested and it does not run on the Latest Android Jelly Bean version but Samsung’s add-ons and its support is quite reliable. It uses the fairly powerful Exynos quad @ 1.4 GHz which is why it is able to offer quality multi-tasking features and ensure that your gaming experience is great - supported by a Mali Graphics processor. This medium priced tab offers a 1280 x 800 display; the plasticky case isn’t sheer luxury either. The S Pen which is unique to the Tab is not absolutely necessary to use either, unlike the Galaxy Note, but is immense help when working with some graphic apps or office suites. The Tab does not include an office suite, but installing the Polaris suite would overcome this deficiency. A 7000 mAh battery provides reasonable back up. All said and done the Tab delivers what a typical tab user would like it to do. Bit on the higher side of the Samsung tablet price in India, yet this Tablet will totally be worth your money.

                                            Nexus 7C

The Nexus 7C, the tab from Google and built by Asus, is the cheapest of the lot. The Tab uses the latest Android Jelly Bean version and being a product of Google, you can rely on its OS Support and update features. The tab uses the latest Tegra quad core CPU and GEForce GPU to deliver excellent performance for your gaming experience. The 1280 x 800 backlit IPS panel display and capacitive touch works flawlessly and has a good viewing angle. Speakers are pretty good as well as the 1.2 MP Camera. This Tab has just 1 GB RAM to keep its cost down but does not impact multi-tasking performance. The standby time isn’t outstanding considering it is powered by a 4300 mAh Lithium. But then this is the only tab in the lot that you can’t use to call, the SIM slot can be used for SMS and Data though. Like the Google Phone the Google Tab has made its presence felt as a serious competitor in the battle of the Tabs.

                                       Sony Xperia Z

The Xperia Z Tab from Sony is richly endowed with multimedia features. It is the latest Tab in the Indian market and the most expensive. The build is class, the launcher is classier and the 1920 x 1200 display is packed with WUXGA TFT Capacitive Touch Screen and backed up with upgraded BRAVIA Engine 2 to offer the best full HD Video playback in 16 M colors. The 6.9 mm thick device is very light and black glass fibre polyamide body is sheer luxury besides being water proof to a large extent. The tab is powered by a 1.5 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro processor and you can feel the speed in your fingers. The rear camera is 13 MP with 16 x zoom and LED Flash. The front 2 MP camera offers full HD recording. The tab is powered by just 2330 mAh battery but offers 11 hours of talk time. This may be attributed to the advanced power management features of Jelly Bean which Sony implemented. This is one tab that has real practical and utility values.

If you want to look geeky be seen with the Nexus Tab, but if you want to show off you need the Sony Xperia Z tab. The Samsung Tab does not have the class that they displayed with Galaxy S smart phones but the Tab does provide value for money.

About the author
Sunil Khale  is a B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering and has since devoted his time to blogging on technology with PriceCheckIndia, where you can find the latest Samsung tablet price in India as well as the best price for a range of other electronics.