iPad 4 - Review

Apple has released its latest and powerful tablet popularly known as the iPad 4. The 128GB version of the iPad 4 is available at $1103.47 for Cellular and Wi-Fi and $954.15 for Wi-Fi only. And there are other options available too, 64GB, 32 GB and 16GB models. It is also expected that the new iPhone 5s will be released in near future. Now, let’s find out more about the iPad 4 in the article below.

Design and Build Quality

The iPad 4 looks much similar to the previous versions of tablets from Apple. It has the same rectangular shape with rounded edges and corners, with the dimensions of 186 x 241 x 9.4mm. It weighs 662g. The build quality of iPad 4 is exceptional. The only change in the design is that the tablet now features the Lightning connector and the rest is covered.


The hardware has been updated in the new tablet. A new A6X processor has been added. It’s a dual-core processor with the quad-core graphics which is clocked at 1.39GHz. It features 1GB of RAM. On the SunSpider JavaScript and the GeekBench 2 tests the iPad 4 scored 854ms and 1769 points respectively. The graphic performance is also better than the iPad 3’s 22fps against 39fps. The screen comes with the same size of 9.7-inch and Retina quality resolution of 1536 x 2048 and LED-backlit IPS display. There have been some changes in the connectivity features including 30-pin Lightning connector and 4G connectivity. Other features like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth remain the same.


The iPad 4 still features the 5Mp iSight camera which was used on the iPad 3. A back-illuminated sensor which helps for the low light conditions is the only change. The major change is found with the front facing camera. The tablet now features a 1.2Mp FaceTime HD camera which can capture up to 720p shots. It offers much better pictures than earlier and even makes the Photo Booth pictures better.


When it comes to the software, it features iOS 6 with the inclusion of Siri which is also found in iPad 3. Some notable and recent changes to the OS include the switch between Apple’s own mapping system and Google Maps. However the Apple’s own-brand app received lots of criticism for its several failings. Fortunately there are other options available in app form, or you can simply use the Google Maps. Apple has also excluded the YouTube app, but you can get this service through the web browser. There is some important matter to keep in mind that apps which support the Retina display use more space than the older ones.  So, the 16GB of storages may be filled quickly than you expected.  

Battery Life

Apple claims the battery of iPad 4 lasts for 10 hours with Wi-Fi enabled. Everybody use their iPad for different purposes for various time periods, so it is hard to say about the typical usage figure. We found that it required to be charged at the end of the day after some heavy use. If you mostly use your smartphone and use the iPad occasionally, then it will surely offer you a longer battery life.  

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