Cool Websites and Apps [May 2013]

You daily visit sites like google,Facebook,etc and apps like instagram because they make your work easy and fast.Infact few sites  like Google is so popular that some people think internet is equal to google .But there many other less known sites that are really very helpful because they make our work fast,easy and reliable.

Here at Hackatrick we will dig the whole internet and show you such sites that are worth visiting.

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 PDFmyURL-If you want to get a PDF format of any given website or webpage  PDFmyURL gets the job done in no time.It is useful for offline reading of a content of a site.

Imm.Io- is a one-click easy image sharer.There are many free photo hosting site available but what make this site different from all it that it is fast,it does not ask for capcha or sign up.

Gaana- This is the perfect site to listen songs online.The site offers a big collection of english,hindi and regional songs.Here you don't need to download the song,you can play the song in the online player and also share the tracks with your friends.

These are just a few websites that we have discovered so far.If you too have such cool websites then do add it here.

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