How to direct download Torrent for free

The other day i went to a cyber cafe which happens to be one of the fastest cyber cafe of the city.I took many .torrent file with mw so that i can download them all.But as you all know torrent downloading is very slow.I was getting download speed of around 500kbps which was very less as compared to the IDM download speed which was around 2mbps.

I know many people face the same problem so i have decided writing this tutorial where i will show you all how to download .torrent file in HTTP format or via IDM.

Follow this simple steps.

1.Visit a torrent site and search a torrent that you want to download.

2.Download .torrent file or just copy the magnet link.


4. Upload your downloaded .torrent file or paste the copied magnet link in

5.Hit enter or press Go.

6.Select/click Free

7.Wait for some time, a message will appear “caching completed” and download button will be visible.

8.Click on Download. Select/click free again.

9.Now, download your file. If your file is compressed (zip, rar, etc), then you will get download immediately. But if not, then zbigz will first compress it and then it will give you download.

But you you use their free service then you will get download speed of around 150kbps.So if you are getting more speed in any torrent downloading client then there is no need of using this service but if your torrent downloading speed is less then 150kbps then you can use this service.