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22 October 2012

Bypass Facebook Link Detection

So in my last post i showed you how to create phishing page using Super Phisher and how to host it.

Well creating and hosting a phishing page it easy but if you are creating a facebook phishing page than things are not so simple because facebook has blocked all free hosting and url shortening service so even if you host your phishing page,you will not be able to send the link to the victim via facebook.

 You can read it here

If you send a my3gb link on facebook,this is what you will get

In this post i will show you a simple trick to bypass it.Facebook has blocked free hosting sites link as people host phishing page there but facebook has not blocked sites like as we cannot hosts phishing there.

But we can use pastehtml to redirect user to our phishing page.hence facebook will not detect it :D

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Here is the code :

<title>A web page that points a browser to a different page after 2 seconds</title>
<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; URL=">
<meta name="keywords" content="automatic redirection">

 Copy the above code, change the url (shown in green color) to your phishing page and paste it in

Now copy the link generated in pastehtml and give it to the victim in facebook chat.Facebook will not block it.

This is only for Educational Purpose.I am not responsible for any harm cause by you.

If you have any doubt comment below.