How To Know You Have A Good Web Hosting Service

If you sleep well every night, you know you have a good hosting service. Because the alternative is so painfully hellacious that it would keep one up at night decrying the situation. To know the good, it must be compared with the bad and so to know the bad service is when, customer service does not response with a cogent answer within, at the very latest, 3 hours from initiation of the query.
There are three things that your service should consistently provide otherwise, they are not a good hosting service. There are many others that do provide this but are not easily found and there are those that provide this and more but are deemed unaffordable. As for the three things that all good hosting services provide, we find them here, in turn.

24/7 Phone, Email and Live Chat Customer Service
The most profound way a hosting company can be of service to its customer is to provide round the clock uninterrupted service where wait times are short and responses are knowledgeable. Whenever there is an issue or a crisis, the customer service team must be able to guide your next action without delay and without uncertainty. If in all the time you have been with a hosting service, they have never dropped the ball when you call on them, then you are on your way to declaring yourself the owner of a site hosted by the best.
100% Server Uptime
This is a very tall order, but if indeed you do have service that can boast 100% uptime, that shows that you have not been cheap with your budget and the host is truly well planned. Even server maintenance is done with a mirror server placed online before the main server is worked on. If the host is as meticulous that you have never had a down time, then you are truly on your way to crowing yourself the customer a good service.
Daily Backup
For those who provide 100% server Uptime with backup servers going online when the need arises then its not entirely impossible that the host keeps real time back ups for all data and logs. This is a very under rated service, in that it is not the first thing that people ask for or appreciate when its there. But at the moment a site crashes because its been hacked, a backup is one of the best remedies to it all.
If you have these three things covered, then you are in good shape and you are probably sleeping well at night. And as mentioned earlier, if you are sleeping well at night, then it must be because you have a good web hosting service.