Facebook Messenger for Windows

Facebook officially launced facebook chat for windows app today.They are promoting this new Windows app. They want us to keep using Facebook even when we are not using a browser.

When I logged into my Facebook account today, I saw a small popup box in the bottom right corner of the page suggesting me to install the Windows App.

Installing Facebook Messenger for Windows 7.
  • Click on the Install button seen on that page. This will download a small setup file called FacebookMessengerSetup.exe
  • Double click on the downloaded file to run it. Click on the "Run" button on Windows security alert.
  • Continue the installation by clicking Install button
  • Make sure your firewall(if you have one) is configured to allow this new application to connect to internet.
  • You are ready to go! Now you should be able to use the messenger to see ticker updates from friends and to chat with friends.

  • Enjoy Facebooking!