BBM Chats Spy Software: Put your suspicions to rest!

The most sought after blackberry spy feature is the BBM chat spy software. It is ideal for spouses and parents whose spouses/children are addicted to this highly addictive communication method. Those of us who have family or friends, who use the blackberry messenger, know that it is downright impossible to carry any conversation with these people whose fingers seem to be glued to their blackberry keypads. And it can’t help and drive the other person crazy about the content of such 24/7 conversations. A concerned parent can’t help but wonder who his daughter keeps chatting with. The same way a husband can’t remove the doubts he might have his wife forever BBMing with someone. An employer, whose company is suffering because of information leaks, needs to screen every channel of communication in and out of his company; and this includes the BBM chats. In such scenarios the blackberry messenger spy software can be a blessing.

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How does the BBM chat spy software work?
 For the Blackberry MessengarSpy to work, it just needs to be installed on the target phone. This process is easy, step by step guided and takes only a couple of minutes. An online account is then set up for the user. The software latches on to the closest wifi and transfers the information online. And then the whole content of the chat is available on the spy account.  The user of the phone has no idea about this as the BBM spy is completely discrete and undetectable

What becomes accessible?
 The messages sent, and the messages received are all made available to the user. This way the user is able to read the entire two-way conversation. Even if the messages erased as soon as they are read by the phone user, they still become logged and available on the online Blackberry spy account. Not only that any files that are sent through the Blackberry messenger also becomes available. Even if the person is talking with multiple people at the same time, every single conversation is available on the online spy account. The two sided conversation with each message, its sender, its exact time and date becomes logged. The user can access all this information from his spy account from any internet connection in the world.

The BBM spy software will help you find out the truth and put your suspicions to rest!

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