Facebook down in India

Today moring I tried to log in to my facebook account but every time it failed.iI thought it is due to my slow internet connection.I then i tried to log in by changing www.facbook.com to m.facebook.com which is the mobile version of it and it worked.so what really happened??

So this is what happened.

Facebook users in India faced trouble logging onto the site on Tuesday, as the site kept crashing in the morning. For now full access has been restored. According to Tech2.comsome users had access while others faced trouble signing in.

Access via desktops was the most affected, with users finding that they were unable to post or share links on the site which kept crashing. For some lucky users, mobile apps and the mobile site, m.facebook.com, was accessible. As expected, Facebook’s distraught users, turned to twitter to vent their rage on not having access to Facebook. DNS (Domain Name System) and #Facebook are still trending on Twitter India.

DNS translates queries for domain names (which are meaningful to humans) into IP addresses for the purpose of locating computer services and devices worldwide. The social networking site faced a DNS issue last week as well when European users faced an outage.
Oh no where'd Facebook go? AFP

Twitter was soon abuzz with users offering help to each on how to correct the DNS issue. According to @Prasad Parmaj, users could have used the following tip
Change IP addresses and as your #DNS servers to solve Facebook india access problem.
You can change DNS settings by going to network settings inside your browser.
Of course Twitter also has people commenting that since Facebook was gone, people might finally get down to work.
For now the site is back and India is back to normal again. The company has not issued an official statement on why services were down in India.