How to like stories on your wall in facebook at one click

Do you know? you can like all stories on your wall at one click in facebook. I know its foolish to like all the stories without knowing what they are. But many people do it for fun. And i saw many people who really like all the stories which they see on the wall.
But assume how much time it will take to go on each story and like it. It will take time and effort. 
But I have a nice tool which can save your time and effort both. If you have Google chrome web browser, you can do it at a click. If you do not have Google chrome Browser, you can download it a click.

Now open Google chrome and click on the link below
this is the Google chrome extension named as Like All. Install it in your browser.

Now go to your wall and click on the like button at the top rightof your browser.
Now you have liked all the stories at a click