Google chrome 16 beta with mulitple profile in same browser

Google Chrome 16 beta is now available with some interesting features. But the notable feature is the support of multiple chrome profile on the same browser window. So you can run more chrome users on same browser.
Each profile will be associated to a different Google account and ach profile will be completely separate, all the settings, bookmarks, apps, open tabs and so on, will be saved independently.
"What if you share a computer with family or friends? You may not want your bookmarks and settings mixing with your brother’s or your roommate’s bookmarks and settings, and you wouldn’t want their Chrome stuff syncing to your other devices," Miranda Callahan, Software Engineer at Google,wrote.
"In today’s Beta release, we’ve added a new feature that lets people who use a shared computer each have their own personalized Chrome, and lets them each sign in to Chrome to sync their stuff," she added.
To create a new profile on the browser, go to the Options preference page. Then go to personal stuff and youo will see the multiple user section. Add a new user to create.