Tips for making facebook more secure

1. a password should consist of upper case letter (ABC) and lower case letter (abc).it should contain some special character (:?!) and also some numbers(123)

2. install a key scrambler so that it encrypt all your keystroke and prevent you from keylogging

3. install a firewall in your system.i recommend zone alarm firewall

4. keep changing your password after every month

5. while signing into facebook always remember to see the URL  that is www.facebook .com if it not is www.facebook .com and if it starts with other URL than don’t sign in because it is a phishing site and it will get your password

6. apart from a anti-virus do install a anti spyware in your system

7. before clicking in a short , tinyurl ,  etc copy that short url and go to  a url expander like and get to know more info about that link.this prevents from  virus containing links.