How to send confidential information through internet

1.How to send secure, confidential information message in internet?

2.How to get rid of hackers who will spy on our email?
3.How to get HTTPS or SSL connection for our messages?
4.How to surprise or prank with your friends?
Privnote  is a website that answer all of your questions..!
1.write a note that you want to send to your friends(recipients) will be provided a link for your messages, just copy & paste it in email or messenger to send to ur friends(recepients)

3.when your recipients click the link & open the message it will remain for sometime then it will destroy itself. The link will not work no more ( even the recipients cannot retrieve the link that once it is destroyed)
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Njoy with ur frnds…!!
Hope this will help you to send confidential information via internet..